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Toys that you want to lose...

Right now, DS1 has found that he likes to squeak the bike horn a million times.  I want to lose that one for sure.

And, he has a helicopter that has a battery powered propeller, but DS likes to hold the propeller and stop it from spinning.  That causes the little motor to overheat and the stench from that little burning engine gives me a massive headache.  That was a free toy from an air show, so I'm throwing that one away.

Do you toss toys or hide them?  Do you take batteries out?  Do you regret any of your toy purchases? 

ETA:  Are there toys that you just suck it up and deal with because they make your kids so happy? 

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Re: Toys that you want to lose...

  • I was so happy when the busy ball popper finally broke...boohoo...the things they used to stuff in there.

    The Laugh and Learn puppy is possessed and talks on its own. I need to sneak that out of the house.


  • DD had a John Deere toy cell phone that played Old MacDonald. That's annoying enough, but it was possessed. It kept playing music even when no one was touching it. I'd be sitting alone in the living room at night and I hear the dang thing start to play music from the toy box across the room. The batteries disappeared out of that one and I told DD that the music was broken and I couldn't fix it.

    I also periodically throw away handfulls of old Happy Meal toys (we usually go once a week after library story time).

    DD has a box of Princess games that I (stupidly) bought for her because she saw the plastic princess box they came packaged in and *had* to have it. Inside are dominos, checkers, bingo, and a couple of puzzles and card games. She has no idea how to play any of these games and the puzzles are too complicated for her yet. But she keeps dragging it out and pulling out all the games and pieces.


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  • my SIL bought the boys a Wonder Pets Fly Boat that sings when you push it. OMG that thing is so freakin loud. I never turn it on unless the boys ask directly. After a few minutes of hearing the theme song over and over I usually push it under the couch for a rainy day.
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  • imagermj80:
    DD had one of those popper push toys...she used to pretend it was a vacuum and push it all over the house for what seemed like hours! i cursed both the man that invented it (it surely couldn't have been a mom!) and the person that gave it to DD daily, but i never could bring myself to taking it from her.


    This - except DH bought it for DS so I can't take it away from him.

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  • I have only purchased DS a couple of toys. But he has soooo many from his grandparents. My MIL gave him a recorder, you know, like a plastic flute whistle. It came from a thrift store, so it was used, dried spit and all. It was in the trash before she was in her car to leave.

    I asked my daycare kids what they wanted in the new playroom I'm building, one kid said "batteries." That cracked me up. Most toys in there have the batteries removed. They say what does this toy do? I tell them it's just a toy, "no, but what does it do?"

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  • DD's play vacuum

    The busy ball popper- so loud and I'm constantly having to fish stuff out of it that's not supposed to be there

    I took the batteries out of her Leapfrog dog.  She kept rolling on it at night and waking herself up.

    The only toy I took away that I can remember was the move and crawl ball.  She would pick it up and drop it.  That thing is heavy and hurts if it hits your foot.  I also threw away a sample of Moon Dough.

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  • DD's Wonder Pets school.  I HATE that thing, but DD loves it.  Pieces come off way to easy for it being for younger kids and it makes DD horrible upset every time something falls off.  I can fix it one second and the next second she has accidentally pulled off another piece and we are back to square one again. 
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  • Definitely the busy ball-popper.  Too bad there's no volume adjust, that sucker is loud.
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  • lol  Jackson had that "Scout" dog - The green one that you can program to say your child's name.  I found it really irritating.  One day we were cleaning up the patio and found it in an ice-chest we had out there.  It had rained so the ice chest was full of water and the dog was toast.  Thank goodness.
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  • I was so glad when my kids outgrew the Busy Ball Popper. I hated that thing. My sister bought both of them one of those ball popper push toys for their 1st birthdays. They drive me crazy too. I gave them to goodwill when we moved this past spring.

    DD has a little Barbie camera that FIL and SMIL gave her for Christmas. It is possessed. I finally took the batteries out of it because it would just start talking randomly. I would be sitting on the couch and hear "Smile for a pretty picture" from the toy box across the room. 

    DS has more fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances than I can count. Sometimes they don't bother me but most of the time those damn sirens drive me nuts and give me a headache. The worst ones though are the ones that don't have sirens because DS becomes the siren which is much louder and last longer than the one on the vehicles. 

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  • The Barbie airplane. It falls apart and when it's batteries weren't dead it had an intercom. Also the Target cat piano.
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    DD1, Kathleen 9/15/2007


  • imageMamatoJackson:
    Definitely the busy ball-popper.  Too bad there's no volume adjust, that sucker is loud.

    This!  My BIL bought this for LO's 1st Bday 5 months ago just to piss me off, he told me.  LO has played with it 3 times in the last 5 months.  It stays hidden in the closet and he occasionally asks for it but I usually distract him.  Also, the puzzles that make noises never get batteries in our house.  The ones I had when I was a nanny always mysteriously went off in the middle of the night.

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