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MAGIC Foundation Online Growth Spurt Campaign

Right now....TODAY...The MAGIC Foundation for children's growth [] is attempting something which has never been done before.... an online educational campaign to teach people about the importance of children's growth. I am asking that you consider forwarding the message in bold below to your friends and other groups and keep this message going!

I am forwarding this message to you because a good friend of mine asked for my help. I met her through the organization related to growth that she founded. She has a daughter with a medical condition that was identified because she stopped growing normally. Since then, she has been working for years to battle the misinformation out there.

Message to cut and paste to everyone:

As you know, children's growth (how much they grow each year) is a major indicator of their overall health. And if our kids are growing too fast or too slow, it could mean something serious is going on inside their body. If we help parents to be aware of this information, they can get their children to the medical experts before it's too late.

Please...please....Keep this going to save a child!

Thank You!

If this message has reached someone who is alone, fighting for someone to listen to their concerns about their child's growth, please visit The MAGIC Foundation's website for additional information.

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