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2nd Trimester

2nd Trimester international travel

Hi ladies!  DH and I are godparents to our nephew and are trying to plan a trip to Germany for the baptism.  We are looking at going in early Nov. or early Dec., when I'd be 18-19wks or 24wks.

Have any of you traveled internationally in 2nd tri?  Would you do it again?  Were you comfortable?

My OB already said it was fine, but I'd love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences too.  Thanks!

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Re: 2nd Trimester international travel

  • No, I came back from Europe pregnant though!!  We conceived May 12th and our trip was from the end of may to the first week in June. (the plan was to get pregnant there!).  It was so early in my pregnancy that I didn't have any symptoms yet.  We just went to Mexico (when I was 19 weeks prego) and I was fine.  I would definitely recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester because I felt like crap in the first trimester.  I think you will be fine, just know where the hospitals are (as a precaution) and make sure to walk around a lot on your flight.  The flight was brutal for me because it was SO LONG!! Stay hydrated.
  • I did and I would do it again.  the only problem I had was throwing my back out on the way back (at 16 weeks) from either sitting in a bad airline seat or from pulling luggage behind me.  Nothing major though.  have fun!
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  • Not international, but I went cross country. The flight was fine. Just make sure you get up ever so often to move around. (I'd recommend an aisle seat.)
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  • We went to Cuba when I was 17 wks with DS. I took the aisle seat (my DH was delighted), drank alot of water before I got on the plane and every change I got I got a refill from the flight attendant, so I was up to pee alot! I went to the restroom at the opposite end of the plane from out seats, so I got to walk more and I would also get up and go when I saw someone else go into the washroom, so I could stand and stretch while I waited for them to finish.

    I would also suggest extra travel insurance just in case.

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  • I'd definitely recommend wearing compression socks on the flight to prevent swelling in your feet and ankles.  Have fun!
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  • Yes, just got back from Spain last week and was fine. I travel internationally for my job about 4-6 times a year and the Dr said I can until about 30 weeks, although I won't go that far away at that point.  Just make sure to stay super hydrated and get up every hour and walk up and down the cabin.  Have fun, I love Germany!
  • Yes.  Just have your husband carry everything, drink lots of water and have something to snack on handy.  It'll be a great babymoon!
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  • i'm going to china next week and am a little worried about all the airtime. also about having enough energy once i'm over there to really appreciate it. but i think it will be great and i'm really excited for the break. the midwife said middle of 2nd tri is the best possible time to travel and most comfortable.
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  • I went to Columbia at 16 weeks last time around.  No problems at all with traveling while pregnant. 
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  • Definitely go for it! I'm halfway through my two month stay in Colombia (16-24 weeks) and it's been fine even working through the vaccine and anti-malaria requirements. You shouldn't have to worry about the water in Germany, so that's a plus!  

     If you don't speak German, you could check ou the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers (www.iamat.org). Register for free and you can see what English speaking doctors  are available in the area(s) you will be traveling to.  Though chances are you won't even need this information. 

     And ditto to everyone's comments about drinking lots of water, stretching your legs, walking the cabin, snacks, aisle seat.  It's a long flight so be prepared! Mach's gut und viel Spass!

  • My only piece of advice is to make sure items are cancelable or you have good trip insurance.  We are supposed to be in Hawaii right now and had to cancel two days before leaving due to some unexpected complications.  It really sucked, but luckily we were not out more than a few hundred dollars. 

    Otherwise have fun :) We are really hoping to reschedule our trip for later on in the pregnancy.   

  • I asked a similar question on the Travel board of the Nest. Below is the link to the responses I got.

    They were pretty positive!! Although DH and I have yet to schedule anything, which is another story :)


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  • I flew to Amsterdam when I was 6 months pg with DS. I was getting swelling before I flew, and the flying definitely made it worse (I'm talking feet like sausages, and puffy all the way up to my knees), but other than that it was fine. DH was working there for a month so I went out to stay for a week. It was really nice - we made it into a babymoon type of deal. 
  • I want to do all my travel in the 2nd tri.  I want to go to Vegas for my babymoon.  My husband wants to go to Mex in the 3rd trimester, but I told him I wouldn't feel good about doing that so late in the game.  Last thin I want is to have an emergency in Mex.  So I might scratch that.  But boy do I want to go to those Vegas buffets!
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