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Another week goes by...

   First off, Hope you ladies have a great Friday. It has been a long week. Cannot believe we are already rolling into October. Hello Halloween. Are any of you ladies planning on getting all dressed up and going either out or over to friends? If so you must share a picture of your costume. I probably wont be getting dressed up or doing anything big. We will hand out candy on Halloween though for kids.

   Tomorrow I will get to be around the laptop, Hooray! I have my 1st every two week appointment. Made it to 31 weeks today(Thursday night) And for me to drive all the way to school(1.25 hrs away) one way for 3 hrs of school is SO not worth it to me. Fortunately for me, my 2 instructors are very accommodating .

   Also can I say, I hate waiting for Service Canada to have EI processed. I mean c'mon...I'm already a so called starving student(not really starving) but when you have to stop working or quit your job to attend apprentice school. EVERY year.It's nice for them to have their $h!t together. Thanks EI for the stress. When in need they take their sweet time. Also being a first time mom, anticipating a baby in 2 months, seems to really make it worse!

Go figure....

   Anyways, I look forward to hearing from you ladies tomorrow...Hear all about turkey dinner plans and costume designing. I will update you guys after my appt as well. Very excited to hear baby's progress.And take my weight gain with a grain of salt :) 



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