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weight conscious

I have always been very weight conscious for a list of reasons of which I won't go into. I have never weighed over 115 in my life until I got married and then I never went over about 120. Now that I'm in my second trimester of course the weight is being put on and I am freaking out about it and trying to gain as little weight as possible and still have a healthy baby and be healthy my self. When I think about it like that I feel like a horrible person and mother for being so worried about how much weight I may gain but I can't stop analyzing and weighing myself. Please help. 

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  • get rid of the scale. break it, take the batteries out. There is nothing good about constantly weighing yourself. seriously, do whatever you need to do to stay away from it. 

    Its really hard, I know. I'm a thin person myself and gaining weight is scary. But you are gaining weight for your baby and you can lose it after he/she is born.

  • I'm a recovering anorexic and I understand how you feel!  But I did exactly what the pp suggested. I only get on the scale at the OB and I never look at the number. I have made sure to eat fresh veggies and fruits when I feel the need for "junky" foods (candy and such) and I've made sure to drink milk with almost every meal.  Just know the baby needs you to be healthy and not self conscious.  It's okay to gain weight for the health of baby! It's perfectly normal. Hang in there!! Smile
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  • You are not alone, I am the same way. Just careful with what you say because some people here in these boards have struggled their whole life with weight and will not miss an opportunity to bash you because you are concerned about your weight.

    With that said, I understand where you are coming from and you just need to watch what you eat. It is very difficult I know but necessary. I am always always hungry but instead of having an ice cream bar for desert at work, I eat a fruit salad which fills me up. Instead of having a burger or a chicken cheese steak  that I love, I have a chicken salad on a multigrain bread or a tuna salad (once a week only of course because of the mercury). Instead of having cookies as a snack I have a cereal bar... I've never been super healthy but my eating habits have gotten a lot better since I got to my second trimester because I am REALLY hungry and I will eat anything is in front of me, even what didn't seem so yummy before my pregnancy, so I try to make good choices. I was 112 when I got preganant and I am 19 weeks and 116lbs (lost 2 pounds on first trimester, gained 6 after that) and the doctor says I am fine. You will be fine too, just watch what you eat but DONT STARVE YOURSELF!!! Make good choices, that's all!

    PS.: I still have my sweet treats  every day, I just make healthy choices all the other times

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  • I obsess about my weight, too.  While I think the advice to throw away the scale is sound, I actually have to do the opposite (I know I'm weird, but I actually worry more about my weight when I can't find out what it is).

    When I stressed to my family about gaining too much weight, they said that, as long as I was making healthy food choices and only eating when I was hungry, then I'd gain however much weight my baby needed me to gain. 

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