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Symptoms or something more?

I am 19 wks 1day and for the past month my nose has been really stuffy, and I have read that, that's normal...BUT it's getting worse and now I am coughing all the time and am not sleeping at night. Do I just have a bad pregnancy symptom? OR is it something else that I should get checked out? Has anyone else had this happen to them, and is there light at the end of this awful tunnel. haha help!
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Re: Symptoms or something more?

  • I hope this might be helpful. My first pg with DS was extremely uneventful and I had minimal discomfort with pg symptoms. 

    This pregnancy has been completely different. My stomach has been upset since the first day I found out. All I want to eat is pb&j, soup and pasta with no sauce. I constantly feel like I am about to get the stomach flu. Its terrible.

    I think some pregnancies just have different symptoms than others. And I totally feel your pain in a different way. Hang in there and hopefully we will be in the clear soon. 

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  • If you're concerned about it, check with your doctor.  They can give you better advice than we can.
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  • Yes, congestion is very normal. I suffer from this from time to time along with post nasal drip. It's like I'm stuffy all day, and at night all of the phelgm seems to drip down, strangle me, and I end up coughing.  A vaporizer has really helped me during the night. This has been my experience, but it wouldn't hurt to contact your OB.
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