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I'm a pacifier

Audrey won't take a paci at all.  I've tried 4 different ones and no luck.  It seems like the only way she calms down is if she's nursing.  She's definitely eating plenty but I'm afraid of overfeeding her.  She spits up a lot, just like her sister did.  I'm putting her to the breast as often as she seems to need it, especially right now b/c of the 3 week growth spurt  but this makes me afraid that she won't take a bottle.  DH is going to try for the first time tonight so fingers crossed!  I'm sure not taking a paci is both a blessing and a curse.  This is all new to me since Stella took a paci within 5 hours of being born.  She wanted to suck!
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    That sucks she won't take a binky.  It was my saving grace bc dd was using me as a pacifier too.  I don't know how to get her to take the binky - we did try a few different types, but I know some kids just don't like them.  I used to stick one in her mouth as soon as she switched from nursing to comfort sucking.  It also helped stop the spitting up.

    One thing I know is you can't overfeed a breast fed baby.  They just switch to comfort sucking when full.

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    B didn't take a pacifier until around 3 months old. Until then, I was her pacifier. I was so happy when she did finally take the pacifier b/c we had to stop breast feeding and she was rarely napping and didn't sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time through the night. I tried all different kinds and she finally took to the NAM ones. I would attempt to give her one right after a feeding and when she was fussy. I never forced the issue but we had all different types to try. She still wakes up frequently at night but just pops one back in and she goes back to sleep. I'm dreading getting rid of it...Good luck!

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    Justin didn't take a binky at first either but then eventually he did.  I would just keep trying.  And I don't think you have to worry about overfeeding.  As the pp said, you can't overfeed them at this point.  Good luck- I know this stage can be tough!!


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    A would not take a pacifier and we tried several, but he had no problems taking a bottle.  We started one every few days at about 4 weeks and no he is only on bottles, but still does not take a pacifier.  Good luck!
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    can you try to offer her thumb or hand? I'm sorry, L was a an avid paci man... 

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    O was CONSTANTLY using me as a pacifier, and was not interested in take an actual pacifier until just a few weeks ago... Up until then he would just spit it out. Now he'll take one to fall asleep, but it usually falls out right away...

    He still sometimes uses me for comfort nursing though.

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    If you want her to take the paci, I'd keep trying. I had a lot of trouble getting N to take one.. I bought like 5 kinds too, and even then once we found her "favorite" we had to help her get used to it.. She still doesn't take it as easily as Eve did, but she uses it to fall asleep and after feedings.
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    Tina, how did it go with the bottle?  My LO is about the same age, and we're having trouble with bottle feeding.  I wanted to have DH give her a bottle for the last evening feeding so I can go to bed earlier.  She takes the bottle, but he can't get her to sleep afterwards.  It's terrible, she'll doze off then wake up screaming after a minute or two ... for an hour.  We took a few days off and are going to start the bottle again this week at an earlier feeding.  I hope you're having better luck!
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