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Taking a trip without DS

I'm turning 30 next week, and my sister and I are going to Cancun for five days. We bought a deal on Groupon a while back and just decided to go for it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that it is almost here, I have so much anxiety about leaving DS.

He will be staying with my parents so I know he will be 100% safe and taken care of, so it's not that. I am just afraid that something will happen to me and I won't come back and he will think I abandoned him.

I know that probably sounds completely crazy, because obviously something could happen to me on any given day. I just don't know how to deal with this anxiety. I am actually trying to figure out if I could just cancel or find someone to go in my place or something.  

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Re: Taking a trip without DS

  • There are two questions that I would ask myself in this scenario;

    1. Would DS have a good time?
    2. Would I have a good time and come back renewed / refreshed?

    If you answer yes to those two questions then I would do it. My kids love staying with grandparents because they get a break from "mommy rules".  For the anxiety understand that you will miss him but that in the end you will both have fun and you are right that things can happen no matter where you are.

  • I recommend you go. DS will have fun at his grandparents and you will have a blast in Cancun. The anxiety is understandable, maybe make a fun game that both you and DS do while your gone, like each draw a picture of what you did each day and share when you get back.
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  • It's totally normal to have anxiety and of course you will miss him, but you need time for YOU too.  Just remember, if you were still married people would be encouraging you and DH to go on trips/go out because you would need couple time.  Well, YOU still need YOU time.  GO, and know that DS will be fine and in good hands.
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  • Do it. If you don't go, you will regret it. You will enjoy some "me" time, trust me :) I've been away from DS a few times, and I miss him when I am gone, but I truly do enjoy the time I actually get to relax. You're parents will take wonderful care of your son and spoil him rotten!  
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    Don't ask me. I want to go to this self-help weekend workshop thing and won't because I'm too neurotic about leaving DS for the weekend. XH has never had DS more than 24 hours, and my parents live a few states away, but my family isn't close anyway. I would be a mess if I knew I was going to be away from DS for 5 days. In fact, there's no way I would do it. But like I said, don't ask me... Smile

    GAH! Not what I wanted to hear. ;)

    I'm not that worried about being away from him. I mean of course I will miss him, but a big part of me is looking forward to five days of doing NOTHING. I have been so stressed with work, school, SPing, and constantly running around.

    But yesterday, I was just so stuck on the idea of something happening, plane crash, being murdered, etc. and never seeing DS again. Completely irrational. Then I took a klonopin and then I felt better. lol 

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