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sharp little do you deal?

I feel like an idiot..perhaps I should have this down by now, but I am struggling with how to deal with a squirming, upset 6 month old who hates having her nails cut or filed.  It was easier when she was younger/less mobile/less interested in other stuff.  Now, I'm lucky if I get in there for one or two nails. She has a big scratch on her nose and one on the side of her face near her ear now, so I really went for it this morning, with marginal success..but is there a magical way to do this better or make it easier? If not, well, I'll just do what I'm doing, but thought I'd ask for some wisdom out there...Thanks!

Re: sharp little do you deal?

  • Is she a sound sleeper, we do DSs after he falls asleep for the night - he rarely wakes up FWIW. 
  • I only cut nails while my kids napped at that age. I usually nursed and let them fall asleep at the breast and then cut them. It meant they had to nap in my arms once a week, on a weekend, but it is what I had to do.

    it's much much harder now w/ my 15mo old, my 35mo old lets me (or can be bribed)


  • My method has changed as DD has gotten older and there have definitely been entire weeks where her nails were painfully long and I couldn't get in there to do anything about it.  For a while 5 minutes of tv was distracting enough, and once I sat her on the freezer in the garage to do it because it was a big enough novelty.  When she was younger, sometimes when she had a bottle (and could hold it with one hand) I could get in and snip a few nails on the other hand.  Sometimes the clippers work the best, but lately I've had more success with the adult nail scissors.  Some weeks I get by cutting one or two nails every day until I get through them all (and it's time to start over).

    It's not a solid plan of attack, but know that you're not an idiot and not alone!

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  • I second the idea about sitting in front of the TV. I'll just sit her in my lap facing the TV and cut them while she's zoned out. It works most of the time.
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  • If you're still nursing, cut them while she's nursing.  I put my son on the boppy and cut his one hand while he's on one breast and the other when he's on the other.  It works well.  Otherwise while their sleeping if a good option as well.  I would probably choose a nap as to not risk disturbing night sleep.



  • image RomeRomance06:
    I second the idea about sitting in front of the TV. I'll just sit her in my lap facing the TV and cut them while she's zoned out. It works most of the time.

    while we have a no-TV rule before age 2, I'd definitely do it for 5mins if DS could sit still long enough for me to cut his naiils. I am jealous, he NEVER stays still!


  • thank you thank you for all of this...

    I'm not above bribing with TV, even though we don't let her watch, generally. I think 5 min in front of it here and there so I can get a hold of those nails is a possible way to go! I'll try naps, but she really will only sleep in the crib and we've lowered it at this point and it is hard for me to reach her for this sort of thing. (I tried to file/clip while she's nursing, but she stops nursing!)   Thanks everyone...:)  

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