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NYC with 6-month-old. Advice?

Next weekend the three of us are going to NYC for a friend's wedding. My parents are meeting us there and will watch DD during the wedding on Friday night. Saturday and Sunday we'll be hanging out in the city. DH and I have been to NYC numerous times but never with a child. We usually take cabs and the subway to get around but I realize that might be a little trickier with stroller/car seats, etc. Any advice? I have a Bjorn and a City Mini stroller. DD does fine in both but should we lug both around? Do we avoid cabs? We have a Snap N Go but I think she'd like the City Mini more so she can look around.

I thought it would be fun to take her to some of the touristy places and take photos and just have fun walking. We don't really have any set plans and she's too young to really take part in any activities. I figure Central Park might be nice this time of year for a picnic, maybe do some shopping...

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Re: NYC with 6-month-old. Advice?

  • I've never had a problem with finding a cab that would accommodate a stroller.  When DD was in the infant car seat, we just used the lap belt to secure it and when she wasn't suing it, we just had her sit on our lap in the cab.  I'll be honest though, I absolutely hated the stroller and the subway, NY just has so many more stairs and far fewer elevators, it was a pain in the butt.  If I wanted to use a stroller and take the subway to get around, I would definitely bring a cheap $10 umbrella stroller that you can easily fold and carry while negotiating the ins and outs of the subway system.

    When DD was young, we just brought her along on whatever we wanted to do.  Now we haunt Central Park, the Zoo, Museum of Natural History, Coney Island and the Aquarium, Rockaway, the Cloisters, FAO Shwarz and the Toys R Us store and any place pigeons are gathered.     

  • We went to NYC with DS when he was about 7 months old for a wedding. We only rode the subway and I carried DS in the ergo most of the time. We also brought our cheap fold-up stroller for walking around. It was a lot easier than I anticipated...we took the train and packed extremely light.
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  • We were just there two weeks ago. I carried DS in an Ergo and also brought our Combi stroller. When we were near subway steps I wore him and just carried stuff in the stroller, but for sidewalk walking, I put him back in the stroller. We also used the bus and I definitely needed to have someone with me to help collapse the stroller for that, since they make you totally close and fold it an place it on the luggage rack.
  • We have a Didymos wrap and carried DS in that when we went back in May (he was around 9 months then).  We used subway and cabs without issue.  I would definitely avoid stroller but that's just me. I think someone gave me a tip on here (mzovace, I believe) to check with restaurants if they have high chairs or she had a nifty contraption that was fabric and slipped onto a regular chair to act as a seat for baby. 
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  • You've been to NYC before so you probably noticed that not all the subways have elevators or escaltors so I would check out the nycmetro website ahead of time to make note of which are accessible and which are not. That way you can move your stroller around more easily. Carrying a 6 mo in a carrier while walking around the city might get really tiring.
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