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Natural Childbirth?

Who has had (or attempted) a natural childbirth in a hospital setting in the STL area? How did it go? I'm starting to lean more and more this way, but am curious how this has worked for local mamas at local hospitals. I'll be at Mercy, but interested in other experiences as well. 

I am talking to my doctor about our birth preferences next week, but figure a lot of it depends on the hospital environment and nursing staff as well.  

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Re: Natural Childbirth?

  • I had a natural birth at St. Luke's.  I didn't have a very good experience - my nurse was not supportive, and we should have asked for someone else.  St. Luke's is known as a natural birth friendly hospital, but I've heard more positive natural birth experiences out of MoBap than anywhere else. 
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  • I just had a natural birth at Mercy last week. It went great. One of the negatives was that the nurse wasn;t in there to help. She was a great nurse but clearly wanted to leave us alone, whivh was fine with me. My suggestion would be to make sure you kno what the hospital offers for natural births. For example, I wasn't told they had pregnancy balls or that i could walk around in our room but I knew it was offered so i had my husband ask. Also make sure you listen to yourself. The nurse didn't believe me when i said i was ready to push because it had only been an hr since i was checked. My husband had to finally call them and tell them i was pushing for her to come check me. Just make sure you listen to yourself and ask the nurses for what you need.
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