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Extra Hugs Tonight (Warning: sad)

This morning, about 10 minutes before school started, we heard all kinds of fire trucks. Never a good feeling when you know students should be arriving and hear that many sirens. A few of my kids (first graders) came in telling me there were fire trucks at a house near their bus stop, but I didn't want to talk too much about it since we didn't know what was going on.

At lunch another first grade teacher was told by our principal that the fire trucks were actually for one of her student's brothers. He was 2 years old and a dresser fell on him this morning, and he was crushed and died.  I don't know the family, they are new to our school, but I got SO upset when I found out. I only assume he was climbing and it tipped.

 SO, so tragic and random...hugging DS a little tighter tonight and figuring out what else we might need to strap to the wall. A sad reminder of how quickly things can happen.

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Re: Extra Hugs Tonight (Warning: sad)

  • thats awful!!!! and so scary....
  • how devastating :(


  • Oh that is so tragic. And scary. (Off too hug the little ones).
  • Oh that breaks my heart.  So very sad.
  • What a nightmare.  Sad
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  • That is heartbreaking...my thoughts are with that family.

    We just transitioned DS into a toddler bed so now he has a lot more freedom in his room and just when I think we have babyproofed his room completely he finds something.  We were just debating about what we need to do for the dresser, and let me tell you we are strapping that puppy down now.

  • oh no!  that is SO SAD!
  • Extra hugs for sure.  What a tragedy, and how traumatic for the parents (and the siblings) involved.  I assume they're going to be living with such feelings of guilt for a while and hope they can eventually get some healing.

    DH and I are OCD about strapping furniture to the wall - even small stuff that probably doesn't need to be.  But I've heard second-hand of too many stories like this.  I'm buying DS a toddler bed in the next few days, and he'll be moving into DD's room...we'll spend some time this weekend going over every inch of that room.

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  • How terribly sad and tragic.
  • That is just horrible.  I just can't imagine the pain that family must be feeling.
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