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Almost mediation time..

Mediation is Thursday. Any advice for anyone who has gone through this? Not responding to Ex text messages lately has him acting crazy again. His latest argument? That the reason he cant keep a job is because I have caused him so much anxiety and depression by keeping Wyatt away from him. ( i still never responded lol) So, I took the liberty of making an album of Wy and J so if he brings it up I have pictures to document each visit. 

Here we go. Nervous, scared, and a little excited to taking a step forward. 

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Re: Almost mediation time..

  • Be strong and dig your heels in for things you absolutely will not compromise on.  Don't let him break you down. 

    Know which things you are willing to compromise on.  For those things, go for the gusto at the beginning and then work your way towards the middle ground that you're ok with, thereby making him think he's "winning" something.  It may make him give in to other things as well.

    Most importantly - YOU ARE LO'S ONLY ADVOCATE - do right by Wy and you'll be fine!

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  • If you can get into searate waiting areas that's optimal. If you feel intimidated threatened or anything else by him, ask to not be in his presence.
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  • Thank you for your advice ladies! I will post an update soon :)
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