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Postpartum Depression

Intro / Med Eval Vent


I've been lurking the boards for a while and the ladies here seem really nice and supportive. (And I could use a lot of that right now! )

A little back story - I'm a SAHM of two wonderful little boys, a bird, and a bearded dragon. DH is very supportive, and great father. He does everything he can to help with the boys, and to make sure I'm happy. And I've doing everything I can to take care of myself, and my mood.

I started therapy at beginning of the month and am going in for my med Eval tomorrow. I have found a medication that works (Strattera), and gave up breastfeeding to be on it. Once I ran out I was put on Concerta.(By my ob) It has been awful. I get horrible migraines, and mood swings. I'm hoping they switch me tomorrow to something more helpful. ( Strattera is not covered by my insurance, and is too expensive for us to pay for out of pocket.) Any good vibes are appreciated. : )

Re: Intro / Med Eval Vent

  • Ugh. Insurance is such a crummy thing to be dependent on.  Here are some good vibes from me! ~wiggles fingers magically~
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