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Need stroller recommendations for the city-overwhelmed

Hi Ladies,


I know there are a lot of post on strollers, but I feel so overwhelmed by all the options out there.

I'm a first time mom, living in an apartment building on the UES and I'm not sure which stroller to buy.Ideally, I do not want to spend $700-900...

Can you please recommend your stroller if you are happy with it.

Also, it seems most people have more than one stroller.I guess I do need one for running around, but what do I use the other one for?

Thank you. 

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Re: Need stroller recommendations for the city-overwhelmed

  • I love, love, love my Maclaren Triumph. It is lightweight, easy to haul up and down the subway stairs, and the foot muff and rain shield work really well for crummy weather days. For a newborn, I would use a snap-n-go with the car seat until LO is old enough for the Triumph. We also have a Bob Revolution for jogs, walks across town, and longer outings where DS will need the snack tray. The Revolution can also be used with the infant car seat, but is a little big and bulky for taking the bus or the subway. And, for what it is worth, I have friends who love and adore their Citi Minis, Bumblerides, and Bugaboos, but I wanted a few different strollers for different needs. Oh, and if you plan on maybe having another kid someday, check out the Phil & Ted. 

    Good luck and I hope this helps!!!

    Also, you should get a good baby carrier. I recommend the Catbird Baby Pikkolo because it is just as padded as the Ergo, better for baby's hips than the Bjorn, and can do an outward facing front hold, which the Ergo can not do. Love it!!  

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  • There is no right or wrong stroller.  The real question is - how will you use it? 

    Are you in a walk up where you need to be able to carry it?  Will you have an elevator so you can get a bigger one? 

    Will you need a lot of storage because you will be shopping (think grocery/diapers fitting in the stroller) or will you be mainly using it for short trips where you want something lighter.

    Will you need to take it on public transportation or will you just be strolling in your neighborhood?  Also- will you need to fold it or keep it open the whole time.

    Don't get caught up in all the names.  It's the type of stroller you want.  If you are walking a lot on city streets in your neighborhood, doing grocery shopping, etc then you want something big and sturdy like a Bugaboo or Uppa Baby. 

    If you are going to be running all over town and need to take it on a bus, taxi, subway, etc., then you want something like a Maclaren (triumph or Quest) that can easily fold and is lightweight.

    Moms who have several strollers probably have different needs.  For example, for 6 months I was on maternity leave, I loved my Uppa Baby because I stayed mostly on the UES and walked around.  But once I started back to work, I realized the Uppa Baby would be a disaster on the subway and switched to a Maclaren Quest.  I still used the Uppa Baby on weekends but that was it.  I ended up selling it because I didn't use it enough to warrant the space it took up.

    It's hard before you have the baby to really know how you'll use it.  I highly recommend getting a snap n go and using that as a stroller once the baby is born.  That will get you through about 6 months - until the baby outgrows the infant carseat.  In the meantime, you can see how you use the stroller and what would work best for you. 

    By the way, I just moved to the suburbs and the double stroller I HAD to have (Baby Jogger City Select)  - yep- sitting in the garage gathering dust.  Suburban moms don't need a big stroller- they need one for cars.  Need a City Select?  LOL. I am going to post it on Craig's list shortly since I don't use it - such a waste- I only used it for a month before we moved!  So don't waste money until you know how you will use a stroller - learn from my mistake!

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  • Thank you both so much for the detailed answers!

    I live in an elevator building, but in a rental apartment, so the size of the stroller definitely matters.

    I will be walking around a lot, but like you JillAly,mostly in the neighborhood.I'm sure I will be taking the subway as well (I'm already dreading it) eventually.

    I've seen a few moms with Maclaren-s on the subway,and I happened to see someone folding it with a button push I'm sold.


    What is a snap and go??I'm sorry, I'm a bit clueless.

    Did you ladies use car seats a lot?We don't have a car, but I understand, that I have to have one for even just leaving the hospital.


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  • I also live on the UES and strollers were so overwhelming! We ended up getting a snap 'n go. Basically, it is just a frame that your infant car seat attaches to. We don't currently have a car but bought the car seat a) to take her home from the hospital and b) we want to take some weekend trips in a zipcar, etc. We decided the car seat was necessary, so to save on all the baby junk you need, we opted to snap 'n go. I also live in a walk up so it is easiest to have the frame and seat come apart to take her up and down the stairs. The frame is about $80 plus the car seat at ~$120 depending.

    I'm looking forward to when she is a bit bigger and we can get a smaller stroller. That way I can take the stairs (in my building or on the subway) either carrying her in the stroller or with her in one arm and the stroller in another. We will be looking at the Maclarens when that time comes.

    I thought I would mention though that you don't have to buy a car seat just to get baby home from the hospital, there are car services and cabs that have car seats if you call and reserve them. It is an extra step, but I thought I would mention it to save you an extra $120+ for a car seat you might not need.

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  • I LOVE our city mini. After counting 10 in one day we decided to see what all the fuss was about, the closing mechanism is awesome and it has great storage in the bottom and a netting on the back of the seat for more stuff, the tires are perfect for all the bumpy city sidewalks too.  It reclines to lay back and fully sit up, the cover expands  to a really low setting to help cover baby from the sun. The only thing that I don't like is you have to buy the accessories but no too bad ($20 cup holder, $30 raincover) The one thing that sucks is the handle is fixed so you cant see baby if he's sitting in it normally (we also bought a car seat attatchment so you can see them then). I know a few people with a snap-n-go that hate it because the wheels get caught in all the cracks but its a cheap in between!
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  • the carseat is actually nice to have because you can put them in chairs or in a booth when you go out to eat! plus you will want one for cabs 
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  • Thank you,All! I will def. go with the snap and go ( now I know what it is) and car seat for the first few months and probably with the Maclaren for later.

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  • We got the Graco stroller frame (similar to Snap and Go) that works with our Graco car seat. I think it was about $50 at Target for the stroller frame

    Probably getting the City Mini when we get a bigger stroller... we really like the way it folds so easily.. but we might take the baby to a store like BRU and actually test out how well they work with her in them.



  • I also live on the UES and we have the Bugaboo for everyday use as we are big walkers and wanted something that would handle the uneven sidewalks well. We skipped the snap-and-go and use the Britax B-Agile (similar to the City Mini) for taxis and travel outside of the city. Our LO is almost 8 weeks, so we purchased the car seat adapter for the B-Agile and he rides in it that way. It has a one handed fold and is easy for me to lift into trunks, etc. Hope that helps!
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  • Thanks Ladies, it's so helpful!
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  • i do not recc a snap n go. the wheels are terrible and its unhealthy for a child to ride around in a car seat all day. they get less oxygen to the brain by sitting in a 45 degree angle, plus it is far too sweaty for regular use...if youre walkers i suggest the bugaboo cameleon. if you wont be using it from birth and the child is already sitting up then dont go with a bassinet (but if its from birth im a huge advocate of them). if you arent going with a bassinet, but still want the option for the child to face you, the new baby jogger versa sounds awesome. it's coming out in feb. if you need it sooner, maybe the bugaboo bee. the bee is good for travel and daily use. the city mini is also a great stroller, but in my opinion it isn't the primary stroller. i got it for the subways, travel etc for when the baby got to 6 months+
  • We love our city mini.  Lightweight and easy to fold.  Wheels are good.  We also had the snap and go which was good when he was young but now as he is bigger it is difficult to wheel around.  
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