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2 y/o beginning to stutter

DS has recently begun to stutter and stammer, sometimes he gets so excited and stutters to the point that we can't understand what he is saying.  Up to this point he has been very verbal, so we notice a big difference.  It seems to me like his mental wheels are turning very quickly and he just can't get his mouth wrapped around what he wants to say.  I'd say he has been doing this off and on for 2-3 weeks now, and he is 25 months. 

DH and I are very careful not to rush him or make him feel anxious otherwise.  We just wait patiently for him and respond to whatever he can muster out.  He doesn't seem to be frustrated by it at all, which is good.  A friend said her 2 year old was going through the same thing for a few weeks and then things returned to normal, so I hope that it is just a phase.   I do think that with starting preschool and learning so much new information he is having a bit of info overload, haha.  He's also sleeping 12+ hours and 4 hour naps so he must be working hard to process everything. :P

Anyone else experience this with their toddler?

Re: 2 y/o beginning to stutter

  • My DS had a brief phase where he did that.  He's always been pretty verbal and it was right before a big vocabulary explosion.  Just when I started to get worried, it stopped. 

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  • same here, DD is a TALKER, and once in a while she has so much to say she stutters. Like you, we never mention it or rush her and I don't think she even realizes it.

    that's a lot of sleeping, though, maybe a 2 yr growth spurt?


  • Definitely completely normal.  DS is extremely verbal and has gone through several phases of stuttering.  Their little brains just move faster than their mouths can speak.
  • DS is going through it now. 

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  • Maggie used to do that a lot and now she will still occasionally get ahead of herself and have trouble spitting out what she wants.  It must be hard to learn to stop and think about what you want to say first when you get so excited about things like kids do.
  • Sounds like it's pretty normal at this age and should pass before long!  Thanks, ladies!
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