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Nanny Sharing in NYC

Has anyone ever done nanny sharing in the city? I'm really interested in doing a part-time (2-3 days per week) nanny share, and not sure how to meet a family with similar needs.

 Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

Re: Nanny Sharing in NYC

  • I'm interested in that, too.  I have no idea how to find a nanny.  My friends tell me they will come out of the woodwork once the baby comes.  Don't know how but they say they will....
  • You can find a nanny by posting on boards or even asking friends who already have nannies. We are using a network of baby nurses and nannies, feel free to call them and simply tell them what you are seeking in a baby nurse or nanny, (see info below).  You can also talk to moms who are due around the same time you are due, it is best to do this with someone who lives in the same building you live so ask the doormen to put you in contact with the neighbours who are expecting and see who wants the same as you. You'd be surprised! Also put a note in your building's bulletin board or in the laundry room. It can be fun as long as you have the right nanny. Some pediatricians office will allow you to leave notes on their board.

    I got my baby nurse and will hire one of their nannies when I go back to work, My  network: (website) Their number and email is posted there... Good luck and Mazel tov

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