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I didn't think it would be this hard.

Since my husband left at the end of January, he has maybe seen our son 10 times. I had only let him take him once out of thoes 10 times because the one time I let my guard down and let him take him he didn' t bring him back at the time that I had asked and that was decent.

Well this morning I woke up to my phone going off ...  Well it was DS' dad texting me and asking if he could see him. After a month of not asking to see him or even asking how he is doing I was hesitant but I let him come over. It was a nice visit DS really seemed to enjoy it. He asked me how I was doing and I told him about DS dr visits and some other test that were done on DS that didn't turn out all that great.

Well he stayed about an hour and a half then had to go ... Ds was freaking out when he left just as he always does  so maybe 20 minutes after he left I give his father a call  back asking if he wants to come and take him for awhile and spend some more time with him because ds really seems to miss him. Well .. he said yes.

He just came and got him .... I cried for abit but I think i'm okay now. I know if I don't do it by choice there is a chance that it could be done by court.

I really didn't think it would be all that hard but i' m glad I did it.

I really hope this gets eaiser.

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Re: I didn't think it would be this hard.

  • Sorry. Sharing is REALLY hard espcially when they are so young. It does get a little easier though and you will enjoy the breaks. I hope he stays consistant for your DS's sake!
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  • Thank you! I do too. The day after I let him take him he actually called and asked if he could see him again. I hope this is the start of him really changing. He has this cycle of where he will ask me to see him and actually come and do that maybe 3 or four times and then not call or anything for weeks but i'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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  • No, there isn't a court order. He doesn't want to go to court but I don't know of anyother way to do it.
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