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New to SP.

Hello everyone! I'm Megan ...

I have been a single parent for about 9 months now ...  well officially anyways.  Before ( I don't even know what to call him anymore) abandoned us I took care of DS while he worked constantly.

Chris (my child's father) has only bought one box of diapers since Carter (my son) was a little bit less then a year old and he's almost two now .. and has maybe seen him 10 times.

As of right now he has not contacted me at all to see him or even ask how he is doing in a month. He is living with this girl (who is also married)  with her daughter who is not much older than my son at our old house and she calls my childs father daddy.

It's a crazy situation and thats not even half of it.

Well thanks for reading!

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Re: New to SP.

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