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A whinny vent :)

I think I need a mental hug today. My STBXH and I split up in May, and I received the divorce paperwork in the mail yesterday. He wants this done as soon as humanly possible, and most days I am all good with it. I got everything I wanted in the agreement, 100% physical custody, the holiday schedule, EOW for him, etc. Heck, I wrote it all and he agreed to it (as he wouldn't do it and hung it over my head). Now it just needs to be signed and sent to the judge.

 My issue is that it's going so fast. We were together for 10 years. I am 6 months pregnant with the child we tried so hard for. I mentally know I am married to a drug addicted child who isn't the person I met, married or developed a life with. But it's so hard emotionally. Some days are great. I don't even think about him. But then other days are so freaking hard. It's like I want him to snap out of it. But I know that's not going to happen. I guess, if I could just get my heart to listen to my brain, I would be all good. And I know it takes time. But I get so angry about him leaving me while I am pregnant, ruining all those dreams we had built and laughed about when I finally got pregnant.... argh.

I am just venting/whining. I know there are a lot of us who are pregnant and alone right now, and maybe one of you has some secret phrase that makes all this pain go away? :) A girl can hope.

Re: A whinny vent :)

  • HUGS to you.  There are lots of phrases on Pinterest that inspire me.  I saw one today that rang so true to my life (I left a drug addict husband when I was eight months pregnant so I've been there, you can always read my blog for the entire story).

    Anyways here's the phrase:

    "It's better to build strong children than repair broken men".

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  • Keep your head up.

    I am having the same type of day.  I am finally getting our house listed for sale and when discussing the logistics he begged for another chance.  I reiterated that all I wanted was to be treated with respect and his response was "Do you want me to eat your s*!t too?"

    I almost had to thank him as he reminded me why I am continuing down this course.  Keep reminding yourself that you are better than this and I wholeheartedly agree with the phrase that achase found!

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