Parenting after a Loss


Since we've got some newbies and some old faces returning, I think it's time for a GTKY post.

Please tell me a little bit about yourself, your family, your journey to PAL. And anything else you'd like to share.  Boob shots are always welcome 'round these parts.

BFP #1 9/23/09. Missed MC 10w3d D&C 11/3/09.

BFP #2 4/13/10. Bridget born 12/28/10

BFP #3 Finn born 8/11/15



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  • I'm Leslie. My history: Married May 31st, 2008. Pregnancy history in my sig. I live in MN and I like beer.
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  • Since I asked, I'll start.

    I'm Sona. I'm 31. My H and I met on a blind date in college and have been together for 10+ years, married for 5+.  I'm a lawyer. Our daughter is B, she's almost 9 months old. We have fish. I lost my first pg in Nov. '09 and found MC/PL then and moved along the boards throughout my AL journey. There were many days I would have lost my mind without the fine women around these parts.

    I'm the resident wino here and most nights you can find me wumping after my kid has gone to bed. I also write a wine blog in my spare (ha!) time. I love to cook and bake, hate cleaning my house or organizing things, and enjoy reading, Bones, knitting, and most movies except horror films.

    BFP #1 9/23/09. Missed MC 10w3d D&C 11/3/09.

    BFP #2 4/13/10. Bridget born 12/28/10

    BFP #3 Finn born 8/11/15



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  • I'm Rachel (a lawyer), married to Eddie (a commerical plumber) since May 20, 2006.  Live in the outskirts of New Orleans.  We began TTC in May 2009 and got our first BFP in late November 2009, m/c in December 2009.  Second BFP in late April 2010, EDD January 11, 2011.  Someone had other plans and arrived on November 26, 2010, Black Friday.  Our DS is Cole.

    I like reading, mexican food, margaritas and seafood.    

    ETA: I'm 29 and holding!

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  • Okay I'll go.  I'm theprincesspat.  Like the song.  I'm 27 for a little while longer.  DH and I met online through in 2007 and got married in 2009.  We started TTC in December 2009.  I had my first loss in February 2010.  I got a BFP in June 2010.  I had a terrible pregnancy and due to pre-e and almost HELLP I delivered DD on December 28.  I feel horribly guilty about my second loss in July 2011, but I feel blessed to have a happy and healthy DD.  I think that's enough for now.

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  • I'm Sarah (30) married my husband in May 2009.  We met at work and got married 4 years to the day after we met.  I got pregnant in August 2009 and lost the baby in October.  Our DD arrived in October 2010.

    I like to read, bake, and attempt craft projects that usually turn out terribly! 

    BFP 8/26/09, Missed M/C 9 weeks 5 days BFP 2/03/12, M/C 2/13/12 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker BabyFruit Ticker
  • Hi I am Diana, most people call me Di.  DH and I have been together 9 years, married for 4.  We like hiking, biking, and drinking red wine. (Haha sounds like a dating ad).  I am a clinical psychologist and DH is a HS Spanish teacher and wedding photographer.  I had an unexpected pregnancy, which turned out to be ectopic in June 2010.  Thankfully now we have our sweet DD born this past July.
    6/14/10 BFP; 6/30/10 Dx ectopic
    11/16/10 BFP #2; DD born 7/26/11
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  • Hi! I'm not new here, but I wanna play too! Big Smile


    I'm 28 years old (almost 29).  I met my H 10 years ago at college.  We've been married for 7 1/2 years.  We have 3 DD's, Katelyn is 6, Addison is 3, and Teagan is 14 months.  I've had 2 m/c's, and have dealt with fertility issues ever since after Katelyn was born.  Thats when I had my 1st m/c, and my body has REFUSED to cooperate ever since! 

    I like music, dancing, arts and crafts, baking, and spending time with my H and kids! Big Smile


    Proud Mama of 3 beautiful daughters and 1 amazing son - ages 8, 5, 3, and 1

    1st m/c - 1/12/07 at 5 weeks 50 mg Clomid - BFP 8/22/09, 2nd m/c - 8/24/09 at 5 weeks 50 mg Clomid - BFP!!!! 11/16/09 EDD: 7/29/10

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    50 mg Clomid - BFP!! 8/3/12, EDD: 4/14/13 Beta #1 at 11 DPO - 24. Spotting like crazy, OB thinks m/c #3 is imminent. Beta #2 at 21 DPO - 1,899!! u/s at 5 weeks 2 days showed a gestational sac measuring right on track! WOOHOO! PLEASE STICK, MY LITTLE MIRACLE!
    3/28/13 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAYSON JOSEPH! born at 37 weeks 4 days, 7 lbs 13.8 oz and 20 inches!

    Lilypie - (GzVD)

  • I'm Maggie. MH and I have been married for almost 5 years (Oct 7) and we have a dog named Snoopy. Aidan was born at 28w4d because my cord failed. He suffered a brain hemorrhage that took out over half of his brain. He fought for 8 days and passed away on MH's birthday. Lucas was born a year and 20 days later. We chose the date because Aidan was born on 2/1 and Lucas was born on 2/21.


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  • I'm Amanda, I'm 33. I have been with my DH for 12 years I think, married 5 next week! We were BFF's in high school and he was my prom date!  Babycakes is 10 months. We have a 6 year-old black lab who is the other love of my life.

    I have a Masters in Social Work, but no SW job b/c I can't take the pay cut. I love to read and to drink martinis.

    BFP 4/23/09. D&E 7/17/09 16W5D. BFP #2 3/10/10. EDD 11/15/10 Babycakes was born 11/5/10! Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • BOOB SHOT!!!


    That's what you meant, right?  :p


    Hi!  I'm Shanna (28--grocery store manager until maternity leave is over--then SAHM).  DH (33--pharmacist for same grocery company) and I were married 8/1/09 after being together for 5 years.  I started back on TTCAL shortly after my 2nd m/c in May of last year.  Lost the baby at 9w3d after seeing a hb, but LO was measuring almost 3w behind, so we kinda knew it was going to happen.  My 1st m/c was back when I was a Freshman in college with my ex at about 6w.  It obviously wasn't planned but it was devastating to say the least.

    I was on TTCAL for 7 months--had some ovulation issues after the loss when I used to have perfect cycles.  Finally convinced my Dr to try Clomid in Dec '10--started with 50mg CD5-9.  BDing time was around my birthday weekend which also happened to be the EDD of our lost baby.  Got our BFP for Kellen on Christmas Day at 10dpo.  It was such a great thing b/c I was really bah humbug about the holidays last year since I should of had a newborn.  The pg with Kellen was pretty uneventful.  We are very blessed :)   

    I love my alum the Oregon Ducks and college football.  I enjoy photography even though I'm not very good at it.  I'm pretty social even though I haven't been in what seems like forever, but I love to hang out with my friends, go dancing, laugh, and have a good time.  We have the most adorable doggie every, Daisy, a Yorkie.  

    ETA: to add a couple things 

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  • I'm Jamie, 29 years old.  Married to my DH for almost 4 years (our anniversary is 9/29!) and we have a wonderful 9 month old daughter and a dog named Casey.  My DH and I met in work 9 years ago and have been together ever since.  We had two m/c's  before my daughter and hope to start TTC again next summer.  I work as an Administrative Assitant and my DH is an Accountant.

    I love stay in and watch movies on the couch with my DH and LO, but will jump at a chance to go out with DH or for a girls night out too :)  My family and close friends are my world and I don't know what I would do without them.

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  • Howdy Ags, I am Bobbi Janay. I met my husband at Texas A&M in May 2004. We started dating in July 05. We were married in May 2007. We got pregnant with our surprise in may 2008 which was an uneventful pregnancy ( I was one of those dumb FH the first go round). When Ian was 7 months old we decided to start trying again, 2 months later we got Pg with our angel baby Ryan Jane that we lost at 13 weeks. The baby stopped developing at 9 weeks 3 days, the baby had been measuring only 4 days behind. We were devastated. And if life wasn't done kicking us C got laid off 3 weeks later. We then decided to TTA for awhile. We started trying again in July 10, we had a CP in oct 10. Then on Dec 2,2010 we got our BFP that lead to OMG.
    The Blog

    Dinner.Hard life?

    The brothers I Rule and OMG! with their faithful sidekickFootFoot.


    My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot.
  • (o) (o)

    Yeah, since mine aren't perky AT ALL anymore, that will have to do!

    I'm Aubs.  I'm 31, DH and I have been married for two years (on Monday!) after dating for two years.  I am an educational consultant for deaf students, and my husband is an Assistant Manager for an auto parts retail store.  He has an 11-year-old daughter that we share custody of.  I had a CP in Feb. 2010 and found TTCAL.  In Oct of 2010 I got my BFP and had my beautiful baby boy on July 1st.  He's perfect, but I'm biased!

    DH and I would like to have more children, but we're TTA for the next few years.

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  • I've been married for two and a half years...thanks!   I got pregnant one month after our wedding, but sadly, that was my loss at 8 weeks back in May of 2009.   My April 2010 BFP brought me my beautiful Christmas Eve baby boy.  I work for a consulting firm in NYC.  Love the city life, traveling, Housewives of NJ (my trashy indulgence) and football (if you didn't notice!).  We are currently TTC #2.

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  • Hi Ladies!  Smile  I'm Jamie, & I'm 34 years old.  DH & I have been together 10.5 years & married for 7.5+ years.  We met as teammates in a national community service organization (AmeriCorps) where we got to work & live together as we travelled all over the country.  (We also got married 3 years to the day after we met...totally unintentionally!)  I'm a veterinarian & DH is a high school teacher & football/baseball coach.

    Pregnancy history in my sig.  During our TTC/MC/TTCAL process, I was working at a very high-stress job, & I still feel this had a lot to do with our problems (I was anovulatory for most months after our loss while I was still at that job).  Last summer we moved & I took a break from work---& my cycles snapped right into shape.  VERY thankfully, I got KU only a couple of months later.  Smile

    DD was born in July.  She's a piece of work, but the most adorable & wonderful little thing in the world...I love her so much.  DH says we're one & done, but I'd like one more.  We'll see who wins.  ;) 

    I am having some fairly major anxiety about going back to work (PT) in a few weeks.  Hopefully it won't be as big of a deal as it is in my head right now.  :(   

    I've made a ton of amazing friends on TB (mostly on TTCAL6+ & PgAL, although I've been on here since GP...well, what used to be GP), & I am so thankful to have had you ladies here for support during what was the most awful & scary time of my life.   

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