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Postpartum Depression

There is hope :)

Hi ladies,  I just wanted to let you know there is hope. When my son was first born I was so down. I had panic attacks, I didn't eat, I didn't sleep and all I did was cry. It was probably one of the lowest times of my life. Now my son is almost 6mo old and I couldn't picture my life without him. Everytime I look at him I smile and every day I go to work I can't wait to be with him again. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will find your old-selves again soon. I PROMISE! Not saying this to rub it in, just to let you know it will be ok. I so needed someone to tell me that a few months ago
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Re: There is hope :)

  • Thanks!  We just hit the 6 month mark too, and it is a lot better. There are still some evenings when I have to take a deep breathe after DD is down for the night, but that's so much better than crying.
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  • It does get better. I am going on 7 months with my daughter and I feel much better. I never thought I would get out of that fog and depression but I did. Not quite all the way there but almost. I love her so much and can't wait to get off work today and see her.image

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  • Thks!!  I needed to hear that!  Im struggling with anxiety with LO and self doubt.  My appetite is poor and I cry alot also.   It gets better, then BAM, back again.  
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  • When I was going through my anxiety I was 10lbs less than my pre pregnancy weight because looking at food made me sick. Now I'm eating everything in sight and my weight has sky rocketed :(  Wish I could lose the appetite again but be happy at the same time ha ha
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