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Anyone else completely alone?

There seems to be a lot of people with exes/baby daddys in their situation. My heart goes out to you ladies. However, my situation is that the father is not involved whatsoever and he can't be. No child support, no visitation nothing. Is there anyone else in my situation? I am a university student living in my own apartment and I'm 15 weeks pregnant. It's so hard on the regular forums about people complainign about asking their husbands 3x to do something. Well, I wish I had someone to nag. When I have morning sickness and the house is messy, who's there for me? No one. Who has to go grocery shopping with fatigue and throwing up? Me. Who takes the bus to every appointment? Goes to Ultrasounds alone? Me. I feel really alone and quite scared. I'm just looking for someone else in my situation who's doing everything alone. 

Re: Anyone else completely alone?

  • This is the single parent's board -- a lot of women on here are doing it alone.

    My XH has DS EOW. The other two weekends a month and the 4 weeks of the month, I'm doing it alone.



  • I'm so sorry to hear about your situation, but you are not alone.  The ladies on here are wonderful no matter what their situation is.  Even tho I'm not alone in the sense that I do have my kid's fathers in their life somewhat, 95% of the time I am doing it alone.  My last pregnancy I did all alone and I actually liked it even tho I had no one to nag about getting me food at 4 a.m. I also got to do everything the way I wanted from picking out the bedding to choosing a name.  I love being a single mom even though it is probably be the hardest thing I will ever have to do it is worth it ten times over.  Lean on your family as much as you can because they will always be there for you.  Sometimes it is hard for your friends to understand your situation if they don't have kids so look for new friends who are single moms.  I met another great mom at my son's first daycare, the kids were great friends and we became great friends also and it was so nice to talk with someone that understands.  Hang in there everything will get better once you get over the morning sickness and can feel the baby kick!!!  Take Care!!
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  • My EX was not there during my pregnancy, and was only around for a few months after DD was born before I dumped him, so I do know how you are feeling today. Instead of feeling sad, try feeling free. You have no one to argue with, and you get to make all of the decisions yourself!
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  • i went through my entire pregnancy alone and am now raising my adorable 4 week old alone.  Her father is my ex boyfriend whom i was w. for 3 years and has never even met her.  there were definatly times during my pregnancy that i felt sorry for myself.  Going through it alone is not fun.  But once my LO was born i was so happy to not have my awful ex around.  She has brought so much joy and peace into my life.  So even though the pregnancy may be hard just know that you have so much love and hapiness to look forward to with your LO.  Goodluck w everything!!
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  • My BD was involved in my pregnancy and up until DS was almost a year old but other than that I think I know how you feel. My BD is only involved when it's on his time and on his terms and thats about once a month. I know you feel alone right now but it gets eaiser with time. The sadness will turn into strength before you know it.

    If you ever need to talk feel free to message me.
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  • i'm 36 weeks pregnant and the baby's father isn't in the picture. he's never given me an answer regarding what his plans are for after the birth either. state laws vary a lot, but where i live he has zero legal rights unless he files an acknowledgment of paternity.  i'm not going to fill out paternity forms nor ask for child support since he would gain legal rights and be entitled to visitation/custody. his name cannot go on the birth certificate and that's okay by me. i don't want 21 years of having to go to court whenever i want to move, or he wants to amend visitation (if he even would want it)
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