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I woke up this morning, didn't fit in to my dress pants, and seriously have a bump today.  I don't think I did yesterday.  I have no idea if it is baby, bloat, or fat.  As you can probably tell, first time mommy here.   I'm fairly small 5'3" 125lbs.  I'm 14 weeks.  Anyone around my size wake up one day and feel like this? I'm like oh crap I need to go shopping (or something).  My mom said she didn't show until close to 6 months so I was counting on that!  She was also 19 pregnant with me, and I am 25.  I swear 5 years makes a huge difference! 


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    The other day I woke up with the same thing! My belly started just sticking out and it got really hard the past few days. I'm 5'3 135 and I really wasn't counting out showing until atleast 18 weeks, so I went out and got a few things to be somewhat comfortable in..
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    Everyone's body is different. I woke up yesterday (15 weeks) and my stomach has started sticking out. I'm on the slender side. Are you upset about your bump? I am super excited about mine!
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    I'm 5'7" and 120 lbs.  I sort of had the same thing you did, where suddenly one morning I woke up and sort of had a bump.  Made getting into my church pants interesting Sunday morning (it's not that they're too tight, it's just that they're now form fitting in the front... lol).  It's still there a few days later, so I suppose it's actually baby and I'm actually starting to show.

     I'd say if it's still there in a couple of days, it's probably baby and not bloat.  A lot of the women on here claim they love their maternity pants, so maybe it wouldn't hurt to look into them anyways (if not because you need them, at least for the comfort on days when your normal pants feel too uncomfortable).  I can't personally speak on it, as my non-dress pants still are too big for my waist, even with the probable baby bump... I just stopped wearing a belt.

    Apparently in the 4th month it's pretty common to start showing, even if it's your first pregnancy, so good luck and at least if you're getting bigger, baby's probably growing well.  Smile

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    I had a similar situation around 14 weeks, it "came out" at work and has grown ever since. 
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    I'm not your size, 5'4" around 140ish, but something happened almost overnight between weeks 14 and 15. It's like I went to bed, woke up and nothing fit. in addition, to those who know me, i started looking obviously pregnant.  I'm 30 and will be 31 in about a month, but i'm not sure that means much. I'm guessing everyone is different and we show at different times.

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    That happened to me about two weeks ago.  I was literally in tears when I tried things on in the morning because I was so frustrated.  That night, my DH took me shopping. =) 

    6 months sounds insanely late to be "showing".  I'm pretty sure it's normal not to fit in your regular clothes around now.

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