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Postpartum Depression

What kind of Dr to see for PPD?

I know if I see my OB he's going to just prescribe meds and since I'm BFing I really don't want to take anything now.  Do I necessarily have to see him first, or should I just go see a therapist?  And - what kind of therapist - psychologist, psychiatrist??  I was looking up Dr's in my area but I really don't know what kind of therapist I should see....

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Re: What kind of Dr to see for PPD?

  • thanks for the tips - I think I will call my OB to get some recommendations.  I've been somewhat in denial about all this, but I think it's time to get some help...
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  • Just got back from my OB (they were able to get me in quick today!).  He recommended a therapist & also suggested I take Zoloft..  I know he said it's safe to take while BFing but I'm still worried about passing it along to DS..
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  • I did BF while on Zoloft!  I was also seeing a lactation consultant at the time, and she pulled out that huge 5 pound book, you know, the one that lists all medications ever made?   The entry it had for zoloft went something like this:

    safe, only one reported account of a very sleepy baby while mother was on zoloft, though could have been coincidental.

    Having that detail made me feel a little bit better than the standard "oh, this one is safe during BF"

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  • I also took Zoloft during my pregnancy and since I have been BF'ing.  It's safe!

    Does either your employer or husbands employer offer an Employee Assistance Program?  A lot of times they will get you set up with someone who will help you and also give you some free sessions.  My employer covers 6 sessions per person, so I can have 6, DH can have 6 or we can go for 6 sessions of couples counseling.  I would check into that.


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  • Glad you called your OB. I have been taking Zoloft and BFing since my daughter was about a month. It took me quite a few weeks after getting the prescription to actually start taking the meds. I was also nervous, thats a normal reaction, but taking the meds has been so worth it.
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  • It is good that you are looking for help. PPD may lead to major depression and even psychosis if not managed properly. A therapist is a good way to start. Zoloft and pregnancy are usually the combination that most women avoid. Although breastfeeding may be okay.
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