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Pee issues! (Me not DD)

Ever since giving birth I have been having this pee issue! I have to go more now than when I was pregnant! And when I feel like I have to comes on soooo quickly and I feel like I can't hold it! It's crazy. I just went back to work (I'm a teacher) and it's so hard for me because I can't just go as I please..I have to wait to find someone to watch my class. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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Re: Pee issues! (Me not DD)

  • Do you leak urine at all when this happens?  You might have urge or stress incontinence, which is common after having a baby but that doesn't mean you have to live with it.  These kinds of issues can be resolved.  Usually it's an issue with your pelvic floor muscles and you may need to do exercises/physical therapy.  I would call your ob/gyn about it.  

    Hope you can get things resolved. :)


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  • I was also going to suggest physical therapy. It's a common enough issue, but it might take some work to get over it.
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  • If I can't get to the bathroom on time then I begin to leak a little. Thank you for your advice and I'm going to call my ob/gyn!
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  • I've used Poise pads every day since the day I had my son. A c/section baby nonetheless! Anyway, I started PT after him and stopped when I got pregnant. I just started my PT again. Oh, and read this article. I found it very interesting and have started doing more squats and lunges since I read it.  My PTherapist agrees that exercise and anything that works the lower half could really benefit the PF muscles. 

    GL.  Leaking sucks. It's been 3 years and I'm working diligently to correct it.  

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