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Age baby grows out of infant car seat

Hi mamas, I was wondering at what age your babies grew out of the infant car seat- trying to get an average to see if it may be in time for my sister to use my car seat.
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Re: Age baby grows out of infant car seat

  • It is not so much an age as it is the size of your baby. I have a pretty big girl, and I could no longer lift her in the carrier in and out of the car by about five months. For awhile, we kept the carrier just snapped in the base at all times. By six months, we bought convertibles for each car. I had the Snugride 35, and I was done carrying it by 20 lbs. It was just too much for me to carry, and it is such a large carrier.
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  • It completely depends on the baby and the limits on the seat. Some seats have higher limits than others.  I know someone who had a petite daughter in her Chicco infant seat for around a year! She did not outgrow it lengthwise or weight wise.

    My DS was done with his at 6 months. It had a 29 inches height limit and he was already 28 inches long by then. A lot of babies outgrow the height limit first.

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  • You can use a convertible car seat from birth so whenever you are ready to switch, it's fine. 
  • I should have clarified my car seat goes to 22 lbs my daughter weighed 11 lbs at 2 months so I think she is on the smaller end. 

     Thanks for your replies...

    Ya it does seem like it ranges from 6 months to a year from the moms I have talked to.

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  • DS was around 10-15th percentile for weight until 9 months when he jumped to 25th. We kept him in the infant seat until about 11 months which is when we switched him to the convertible. I think it was around 8 months though that we stopped carrying him in and out of places in the seat, we would just leave it in the car because it was too heavy to carry.
  • We switched becuase she was getting frustrated  being in the bucket seat and I already had the convertable. She likes being up higher and being able to see out the window. She also can sit upright by herself, which is what I was waiting for (makes not having the bucket seat easier on mommy) SO we switched at 7 months (2 days ago) and she's 15lbs, 26.5 inches. So she still has a ways to go to out grow her seat, but every baby is different. (sorry, tired and sick with the flu, so probably not making sense)
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  • We switched at 5 months but she still fits in her infant travel system. There's just no point as it's too heavy to tote her around in.
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  • We just switched to a convertible (myride 65) about 2 weeks ago. DS still fits in his infant seat (snugride 32) but it was just too heavy for me to carry around anymore and I would just take him out of it anyway when we'd stop. H still uses it sometimes since the convertible is in my car. We are going to get an inexpensive cosco for our upcoming trip to FL and to keep as a spare in H's truck.

    Like PP-it depends on the size of your LO.

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