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Premature labor

Hello mom's to be.. I have just been released from the hospital due to preterm labor. My little baby girl thankfully is about a week larger in size than she actually is. We are just 27 weeks and she is measuring 28w4d,good thing about this is that if she comes the 13 weeks early we will still be able to have her at the hospital we chose and our doctor. Thankfully in the begining we looked into neonatal hospitals maybe moms guts are actually true :)

 Just needed to vent this is the scariest thing my husband and I have ever been through and hopefully our precious one will stay in the remaining of the time and this will just be a very distant memory.

 Best of luck to you all!!!!

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Re: Premature labor

  • Where are you having your baby?   I had my 30w6d twins at Elliot.   They were wonderful for the 2.5 month NICU stay.    Good luck to you!
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