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Baby has transitioned to crib..

Yayy!! I can't take all the credit though. My mother who has been watching DD during the day started putting her on her belly for naps in the crib last week. Friday night I decided to put her in the crib for the night. It was so easy! I fed her a bottle and then put her in the crib with a pacifier. She fell right to sleep. She did wake up an hour and a half later and it took a little longer, but it was mainly because she wants to sleep on her belly but she can't during the night. She ended up sleeping on her side most of the night. I spent alot of that night checking in on her. DH and I both agreed it feels weird having our room back lol. She was previously sleeping in her swing in the corner. We wouldn't keep the swing on. She just liked the incline mainly.

Last night was the third night she slept in the crib. This morning I feel more rested even though she still woke up twice like she always does. Maybe because it was a longer stretch. She went to sleep at 8:30. Up at 11:30 and then again at 4:50.

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Re: Baby has transitioned to crib..

  • Isla has spent the last three nights in her crib and im stoked!
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  • We're still trying. I'm looking forward to seeing if it helps them sleep longer!

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  • Congratulations! I can imagine how much better that makes your day, to feel rested! Woot!

    Please send some of those 'easy transition' vibes over to my DS. We are going to have to transition in the next month or so.

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  • We spent this weekend doing the transition too! Saturday night was a fail, but Friday and Sunday went off pretty good Stick out tongue It wasn't the *best* idea to combine moving Mr. Monkey across the hall with a growth spurt, but we'd already started by the time we knew what was going on...
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