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Prenatal Exercise classes in St.Louis?

Is anyone taking any prenatal exercise classes?

I'm having a hard time find any anywhere except for a yoga here and there and nothing too nearby my home.  What is everyone else doing for fitness?   And if you're in any classes, I would love info on where!

Re: Prenatal Exercise classes in St.Louis?

  • There are usually water aerobics classes for preggos at most gyms...GL!

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  • Try your local YMCA- they usually offer them!
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  • I, too, had a hard time finding anything.  I ended up doing an aquacise at the Y, but really what it was was just a regular aquacise, and every now and then the instructor would tell me adjustments to make for being pregnant.  I didn't get much exercise! There's a woman who does (I think it's called) Dancing for Birth, which is kind of belly dancing stuff, which was fun.  I also did get some good videos out from the library for prenatal exercise, which I highly recommend.  Or walking, swimming. . .
  • I ended up joining the Prenatal yoga class at the Carondelet YMCA.  It's on Monday nights and I really like it!! It's a very small class though so it would be nice if anyone else was free to check it out to have a chance to meet other new moms...!
  • There is a class called strollerstrides that is supposed to be pretty good that i just heard about from a friend. Hope that helps


  • Depending on your pre-preggo fitness level and how far along you are, I think you'd be surprised how many non-pregnancy specific classes you can do.  I work out with a personal trainer and do a few regular fitness classes at my gym.  My trainer and the instructors of the classes know that I'm expecting and make adjustments to the exercises as needed.  It's also knowing about your body too.  It knows when to say no!
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