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Help with PT please

I posted this on Parenting but figure more of us on this board are dealing with it so any suggestions would be great.  Thanks


My 3 1/2 year old has been in undies during the day since March.  For a long time she would have a pee accident every so often, no more than 1 a week.  This summer we had a long stretch (something like 6-7 weeks) with no accidents.  Now the last month or 2 she has been back to 1-2 accidents a week and this week, she is now already at 3 accidents a week.  I am at a loss.  She takes extra fiber to help with constipation issues although she is doing great and has pooped every day this week so I really don't think that is the issue.  I have not noticed any signs of a bladder infection (no smell, she has not complained it hurts when she pees).  She is not night trained and while up until this week, she had been dry at night about 95% of the time for months, she has woken up wet almost every day this week.  Nothing else has changed at home or at school.  Well actually, her best friend at school moved up to the next room but my DD has been visiting that room for a while now and loves going there so I don't know if that is it.

 Her accident on Wednesday was while the kids were outside playing.  I can guarantee that she just didn't want to stop what she was doing and risk losing her toy (even though the teachers have told her a million times they will save it for her as this has been an ongoing issue).  Today, all the kids had just gone potty and were in line to go outside when she had the accident - and she of course never told anyone - her teachers noticed she was wet when she went past to go outside.

We do a reward chart and I'm at a loss as what else to try other than ignoring it.  I am thinking of ignoring the accidents other than getting her changed/cleaned up and having her help but praising her like crazy on the days she stays dry all day.

 Any other suggestions?


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