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baby nurse? when to hire?


I'm due March 24.  When do I look for/hire someone to help 24 hours for the first week or two as a baby nurse?

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  • I think the sooner the better bc as long as you know around the time you'll need her... she won't get booked up with someone else.
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  • I second PP - hire as soon as possible. The baby nurse I used is now booked well into 2012. I told her for #2 I will call when I get my BFP!
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  • Hiring a baby nurse is something you should do soon, you want to ensure that you are feeling up to the interview, checking references and the whole ordeal. You also want to make sure you get a quality baby nurse and most of those book early so the sooner the better, especially if we are talking the big cities like NYC CA and such. When you wait till the last minute you can make big mistakes because all you want to do is get it over and done with. Just make sure that you get somone who is professional and is experienced in breastfeeding if you plan to breastfeed and do get someone that can get your newborn on a sleep schedule, these are so important, good luck!


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