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Aubrie LeeAnn 5 days late

I was due on August 17th and at my check up the day before i still wasnt even dilated to a 1 so my dr had me go in to the hospital on the 21st they put this pill on my cervix to hopefully start contractions and also meds thru an IV, ive been having braxton hicks and even prior to the meds my stomache would get rock hard and i mean literally hard as a rock but there was no pain, so bout 3 hours or so after the meds i started getting this crazy pain in my back only so the next morning my dr came in and checked me and after all that i still wasnt dilated, apparently my uterus i believe was still pointed towards my back and not the front, she wanted to wait a few more hours to see if there would be any progress, a few hours later the nurse checked me and to no suprise....still not dilated,she said she coulod feel the sac tho i guess, she called my doc and the doc called my room and said that we would be doing a c-section due to failure to progress and that she doesnt think the babys shoulders would even fit anyways,so my c-section was secheuled for 3:30pm, i had mentally been preparing since the past tuesday when she said i had about a 70% chance of having to have one, but when i got the news i started crying once we were off the phone, i had never had stitches let alone any surgerys but when it came down to it all i was concerned about was getting my baby ouy safely, and Chris(my fiance) was my biggest support, no matter how much pain i was in and how uncomfortable i was he made everything better :) then took me back to get my spinal tap which was nothing! all i felt was a lil bee sting then it was all done, i started to get numb before i could even lay down before i knew it i was numb up to under my breasts and chris was sitting by my head in scrubs, which he made look totally cute :) before i knew it i heard my lil angels cry and chris say" omg shes so beautiful" and i started to cry, happy tears ofcoarse, Aubrie LeeAnn was born on August 22 at 3:47pm at 8lbs 12oz and 20inches!!! no one will ever understnd how amazing it is to give birth to something so innocent until they do. shes the best thing to ever happen to me, shes the reason i wake up in the morning, and its amazing to know that no matter what happens in my life no matter how shitty something might get all i have to do is look at her and none of that crap will matter cuz i have my lil angel to pick me up <3

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