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Anyone using cloth diapers? Which brand/s have you found you prefer? Likes or dislikes? Has anyone found that some brands or types are better for boys?

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  • I use cloth diapers and disposables depending on the day.   When DS was a newborn we used the sized fuzzibunz and the sized bumgenius diapers.   Both of them work pretty well and seemed to contain huge poopy diapers, though we would get some poo leakage through the leg seams of the diaper.   The velcro on the bumgenius was nice in the infant stage and made it easier for others to diaper.   My husband still preferes disposables but will attempt to use the bumgenius ones with velcro,  he has never done a snap diaper.

    Once he out grew the small sized diapers we moved to one size diapers for those we have fuzzibunz, smartipants, bumgenius and one happy heinies.   My son is now 17 months old and he can undo any diaper with velcro on it or a disposable diaper but he has yet to defeat the snaps so if I was to buy more diapers now I would definitely get the snaps.  I use the bumgenius diapers at night with the regular insert and an additional insert and that keeps him from leaking through the night.   Overall my smarti pants are the easiest to stuff since it's more like a sleeve than a pocket.   The Happy Heinnies has the softest outside and inside but it is my newest one.   If I was going to buy some more I would probably go with Happy Heinies or another company that carried pocket diapers with a pattern but that's just for cuteness level.   My only real preference at this stage is diapers with snaps.

    Good luck, you might want to see what people on the cloth diaper board recommend.

  • I use Fuzzibunz.


    she is local and is awesome, will hand deliver diapers and even show you how to use them.

    She came to my house to deliver the diapers and came back when I said I couldn't figure out the moby wrap.

    She spent a good 20 mins showing me the diapers and also the wrap.

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  • We use them and LOVE them but the hard water made it a little difficult to get our washing routine down.

    DS had skinny thighs as a newborn so we used Monkey Doodlez but now he's long and chunky so we're a fan of one size AIO's. I am so ridiculously in LOVE with our Swaddlebees and Blueberry pockets.  They're a little expensive but you can get them used on DiaperSwappers.  I also really like FuzziBunz and BumGenius Elementals.  I'll tell you that a lot of people are huge fans on prefolds and covers because it's the cheapest but I absolutely cannot stand them.  They are horrible for heavy wetters.  I like my pockets because I can add extra absorbancy for at night and in the front for my little man.  HTH!!

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  • I recommend using a trial package to figure out what you like best.  I used one from Jillian's Drawers, an online store.  I use mainly pockets (a mix, Bumgenius, Fuzzi Bunz, some used Blueberries I found on Craigslist) and prefolds.  I second Go Baby Go for local stores.  Liz is awesome!  Some Fuzzi Bunz that I bought had snaps that broke off, and I took them to her house and she fixed them.  She sells from her house, but she is now stocking some at Green Baby Resale. 
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