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Need Minot OB & Pedi recommendations please:)

There is a great possibility that we are moving to Minot in a few weeks. I am excited and am just waiting for the "ok" from my hubby to start packing:) I am about 22 weeks pregnant and in need of a good OB in Minot. Any info on the different OB doctors who are good and those that I should avoid (if any) would be appreciated. We also have a 2 yo daughter and need a pedi for her too. TIA!
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Re: Need Minot OB & Pedi recommendations please:)

  • Welcome to Minot (maybe!)! I assume you will be going to Trinity. I was told by a very helpful friend to stay away from Dr. Bozeman. The two midwives come highly recommended. My OB is Dr. Larange. I really like her, she is young and has a good perspective on things. Just a word of advice though, Trinity is a really busy hospital because of all the smaller surrounding towns.

    Good luck!

  • Oh & keep me posted if you move!...if you don't mind! We just moved here in June! I'm originally from ND, but not from Minot.
  • Thank you for the advice! I will keep you posted if and when we do move. We are getting closer to making the decision. Just waiting for a few more details...should hear within the next week or 2!

    How do you like the Minot area? We have visited the area a couple times and I really like it so far! Is this your 1st pregnancy?

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  • Have you guys started looking for house yet? The real estate market is insane right now, and it is very hard to find a selling in 15 minutes after they go on the market fast. Plus the recent flood doesn't help. If you need a realtor, we used Petra Drouin from Century 21. She was amazing! I don't know if I'm allowed to refer people like that on here...oops if I'm not Stick out tongue

    Minot is pretty good! It is a very good place to raise a family.

    Yes, this is my first! We are so excited!! Yours?

  • Just found out this weekend that we are moving the 1st weekend in Oct!!! I'm so excited but not looking forward to the packing and unpacking again. We did find a place to rent wasn't advertised or anything. We are just going to rent for the time being and see how we like the area then possibly buy.

    This is our 2nd. We have a 2 year old daughter and just found out this next one is going to be a boy. My hubby is very excited!! Are you planning on staying home or working when baby comes?

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