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Just a Random Question..37 weeks

Is it possible for your anterior placenta to cause placenta previa later on in your pregnancy? Like around 36-37 weeks? Im not bleeding or have any symptoms of it, i was just wondering if this was possible

Re: Just a Random Question..37 weeks

  • I have no clue but I have an anterior placenta as well and am 36 weeks. My doctor hasn't mentioned anything like that to me as even a possibility but I have an appt. today and can def. find out.

    On another note, I honestly wouldn't worry about it. If in the off chance that it did happen if you're 37 weeks along the baby should be fine because he/she is considered full term by then. My doctor told me that babies usually born 34-36 weeks do very well with little issues so I wouldn't worry too much about it. :) Our brains don't need anything else to worry about, labor and delivery should be enough. lol


  • I'm not sure but I had an anterior placenta and didn't have any problems :)
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