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  • Hello girls,

    I don't feel anything either. And, I've been blessed to not suffer from morning sickness however I am very constipated and gassy. The smell is out of this world, lol. Also, for the past week I have been getting headaches which worries bcuz I pop a tylenol every other day. Sometimes I feel sharp pain that come and go really fast but that's it.
  • I'm thirteen weeks and 3 days and I've been feeling baby flutters all week. Only when I sit or lay still for a bit. It's the best feeling. Almost like a little butterfly is in there. :)
  • Is this your first baby? I'm preg with my second and I felt this baby move around 12 weeks. I'm 13 now as well. It really plays a factor if its your first or not.. :
  • Hi I am also 13weeks and have felt a bit of a flutter to wasn't sure if it was real can't wait to feel the real thing its my first child so I'm pretty excited
  • Ummm... Not only do I not feel any kicks, I have no symptoms at all! Seriously besides my boobs getting a little bigger being a tired st night I feel absolutely fine. I know I should feel lucky and I do, but it's just so crazy that a human is growing inside me and I barely feel anything. I also read fetal kicks start around 16 weeks.
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  • I've been very lucky with little to no symptoms either so I ordered a fetal Doppler monitor for $50. You can hear the baby's heartbeat whenever you like! This is my first pregnancy so it really calms me to know he is still growing in there. You can get one at
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  • Oh I'm anxious here too :).

    I had my IPS ultrasound Monday. The ultrasound tech said that the babe's placenta is located between the babe and my abdomen, so it's likely that I won't feel anything until week 19 or 20. Poo :( Not that it's bad news, but I'm also so anxious to feel this little one :)

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