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Postpartum Depression

PRE-partum depression?

Wondering, has anyone ever experienced the blues a few weeks before you deliver? I've been feeling pretty down lately. I feel guilty because at the same time I'm so excited to have a baby and should be as happy as can be but that's just not the case.

This pregnancy was very stressful, I moved 3 times, BF and I split up and fought a LOT, now having family issues. Has anyone gone through had times during their pregnancy and felt pretty depressed? Does this increase my risk for post partum depression? 

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Re: PRE-partum depression?

  • Same thing here...BF and I had ALOT of issues, still do.  Lost my job.  Lost my Dad.  Was sick the ENTIRE time I was pregnant.  I felt extremely ungrateful and beat myself up over it constantly.  All I can tell you is that as soon as you have that baby, all of that doesn't really become a concern anymore.  You'll focus on being a mom and making sure you do all you possibly can for that little one.  Although the problems will still be there, for some reason (at least for me) they didn't seem all that important anymore.  Hang in there!!!  I hope all works out for you and good luck on your new edition!

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  • I am in the Pre-partum depression boat with you.My first pregnancy was smooth sailing, but i still had post-partum depression. This time i am very high risk, felt like an awful mom for not being able to care for DS as good as i think i should have, doesnt help that i had to stop working due to being high risk so now we are STRUGGLING for money. I just want to cry everyday all day. Sometimes i look at my bump and think "You are the reason we are struggling and i cant be supermom to your brother" but i know realistically, LO didnt ask to be here and even though i am having pregnancy related issues, it is NOT my babys fault. Its just hard to get through the days, and i am scared of ppd after my daugher is born.
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  • i hear you..lots of issues here--we are expecting 2nd baby in october 2011. money issues, communication issues, we're not connecting, our daughter (4 yr. old) seems really excited about having a baby sister. I had PPD with our first daughter and got help. This time around, i am planning ahead. i booked an appointment with the shrink to get evaluated now.i will have prescriptions ready to go in case i need them right after having baby #2...Good luck ladies. I hope things get better for us all
  • I had Antepartum Depression which started about the beginning of my third trimester and it continued through Postpartum.  My LO is just over 3 months old and it is getting better.  The first step in recovering from this disorder is recognizing it.  You have done this by reaching out to us.  It is the craziest thing that has ever happened to me.  You have feelings that no matter how hard you try you can not control.  This has been going on for centuries and now is finally in the forefront of pregnancy and post partum care...Thank God.  I know it is hard to ask for help sometimes but it seems there are alot of resources for us.  Reach out to everyone and anyone you can.  Absolutely call your OB and be honest about how you are feeling.  Ask them to recommend a therapist and make an appointment.  Find a friend or relative you can talk to.  The ladies on this site always seem to be willing to help in any way possible.  We have been there...done that.  Do everything you can to make yourself feel better...a bubble bath, pedicure, every morning get dressed and apply some make up, do your hair whatever even if you are not going anywhere.  Make your favorite dessert. Watch a funny movie. (you get the picture)  I know it is hard but just remember you are not alone and you can make it through.

    I will share something personally.  My DH and I are sober for almost one year now.  I have a meditation book I read every day by Karen Casey Each Day a New Beginning.  I had to respond to your post mostly because of todays meditation, it is long but I hope you dont mind if I share.  It really helped me get off on the right foot today.

    Who will I be today?  The Cosmopolitan woman, the little girl, the scholar, the mother?  Who will I be to answer the needs of others, and yet answer the needs of me?

    We wear many hats.  One aspect of our maturity is our ability to balance our roles.  It is often quite difficult to do so; however, the program offers us many tools for balancing our lives.  Fulfulling some of the needs of significant others in our lives brings us joy.  Our own needs must be given priority though.  We can not give away what we dont have, and we have nothing unless we give sincere attention and love to ourselves...No choice will turn out very well if we haven't taken care of ourselves.

    Meditation:  I will center on myself. I will nurture the maturing woman within and then reach out.

    Hang in there...remember you are strong amazing woman.

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