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exersaucer for a 2 month old?

I know it might sound crazy that I'm even considering an exersaucer for an 8 week old, but Lucy isn't your average 8 week old. She's extremely tall and extremely strong. She's been holding up her head and turning it from side to side since we brought her home from the hospital. She now insists on sitting propped up or standing (assisted of course) for the majority of her waking hours. The boppy and tummy time are not enough to satisfy her. Honestly she is happiest when shes standing on my knees while holding my fingers. I kid you not. I've never seen a baby this young do these things!

Anyway, as you can imagine it's pretty difficult for me to accomplish anything while shes bouncing up and down on my knees. How young is too young to introduce an exersaucer? I'd imagine size is the biggest issue, but if her feet can touch and shes just leaning forward with her arms over the front of the "seat", is there a safety issue? If she's ready to hit some developmental milestones early, I don't want to inhibit her by keeping her laying around on a playmat staring at walls.


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Re: exersaucer for a 2 month old?

  • I plan on waiting until Brody is closer to 3 months...but I did buy this to use so he wont be leaning over so much. 


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  • Don't know if this is BS or not but a chiropractor recently told me that it is unnatural to put babies in an exersaucer because it compresses the lower vertebrate and they are still soft at that age so they can be damaged.  I still plan on using our baby einstein exersaucer though when my little guy is ready (our exersaucer says 4 months). Maybe you should ask your pedi just to be sure it's okay. 
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  • we tried when our LO was 8 weeks. my son sounds very similar to youre LO. he wanted ( and still does want) to stand and sit most of the day and has had very good head control from very early. he was definatly tall enough for it ( he was 26inches at 2 month), but felt insecure as the seat of the exersaucer does not hold him tight like we do when hes standing.  we tried again when LO was 10 weeks and he did better, but still seemed unsure. we put a reseving blanket in front of him to make the seat feel a little more snug to him. i'm going to give it another 2 weeks and try again. i say give it a try if u want but don't leave her in it alone untill shes comfterbal with it and feels safe.

  • I'd put it in and watch her. See what happens.

    Anything can be bad if she's in it hours a day. A few minutes here and there is probably just fine.

    I have a LO that's pretty strong too and I keep trying to find ways to keep her occupied.

  • I would not recommend it.  Her body is not developmentally ready to be in such an upright and weight bearing position.  Her trunk, spine, hips, lower extremity joints are not strong enough to support her in the position that an exersaucer will place her in.  Plus, the sling seats in exersaucers, and other similar baby devices, are too large to provide adequate support at the pelvis and trunk...they are not made to fit your baby specifically. 

    sorry to be on a soap box...I am a pediatric physical therapist, so I get kind of opinionated on this type of stuff.  lol

  • DD#1 was also like this, we always referred to her as our 'monkey baby' because she was always so strong (crawled at 5months, walked at 8months). I'd recommend the bumbo seat if she likes to sit, I think that 8 weeks is still too young for an exersaucer. DD#1 was closer to 4 months before she was put in hers!
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  • I would think the bumbo would be more appropriate for support reasons. They have a tray for it you can put toys on
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