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How did it go w the drop off today??
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    Oh, thanks so much!  It was great.  We talked the last couple of days about what to do if he was scared (yesterday, he told me he was scared to go down the slide) or if he got pushed down again, etc.  So we got there this morning and I took him to the bathroom before I took him to the classroom and I immediately realized what one of the issues was.  The wing for preschool wasn't originally designed for the preschool, so they don't have kids' restrooms.  The toilets are adult sized, and I knew that probably was why Gavin had an accident Tuesday.  I asked him if he went to the bathroom on Tuesday and he said he didn't know if he was supposed to sit down or stand up (and either way, he wouldn't have been able to do it without help because the toilet was so big.)  We talked to his teacher together and we were all on the same page.  No tears when I left, and big smiles when I picked him up!  He had a great time and the director helped him when he had to go to the potty. 

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