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Albany GTG during the week?

I posted on the Bump page on Facebook -

Wasn't sure if anyone wanted to come over during the week for a GTG around lunchtime.  I know not everyone is a SAHM, I could possibly do the 17th too but I got some responses that people were busy.

Just wanted to check in again before I make other plans, to see if anyone is interested.  I missed the last GTG because my daughter had summer camp:(

Re: Albany GTG during the week?

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     what time is "lunchtime"? LOL- 

    If it works for us- I'd be up for a midweek GTG...

    I can't GTG on the 17th- its my birthday weekend :::squee::: and I hope to be elbow deep in celebration :-) 

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    I can do Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday. Anytime is fine!
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    Depends on the time. I have to be home by 2:30 during the week but other then that we are free. Aidens pretty flexible on naps.
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