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1st Trimester

how early did you feel nauseated?

I know that M/S doesnt really show until 6-8weeks but.........I never get nauseated.....all the sudden it has hit me today like a brick.  Just curious how early any of you noticed it?  I get to test on Tuesday!  Keeping fingers crossed
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Re: how early did you feel nauseated?

  • I hope you get the news you're hoping for!!

    It seems like as soon as I found out I was PG, I was nauseous.  Probably partially psychosomatic, but that's how it happened for me.


  • It was the reason I tested 2 days early, to be honest.  I still had to wait a few more days to get a + test though!
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  • I was dizzy and felt tired and sick to my stomach a few days before my BFP.  It went away for a couple of weeks and then returned full force at about 5.5 weeks
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  • 5.5 weeks and it didn't hit me like a brick. It started off really mild and then became horrible about a week later.
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  • I still haven't thrown up, but I know I still have time. I actually started feeling nauseated at about 3 weeks 5 days... I remember thinking it was a little ridiculous to feel icky that early. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't in my head. It turned out that I continued to feel sick at that same time almost every day- even now...
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  • First time around it wasn't until closer to my second trimester.  This time around it was as soon as this baby was conceived, 2 weeks before I was able to get a positive pregnancy test

  • I'm still early, but I felt nauseated and had lack of an appetite for about 4 days and then it went away. Right now I am sitting here eating triscuits....and I already ate a spinach/blueberry salad. This is after I ate lunch, but before dinner. I secretly hope for morning sickness so I feel "more" pregnant!
  • Glad to know I'm not the only crazy one wishing morning sickness upon myself, Maybaby25. ; ) I don't feel pregnant at all besides my boobs just beginning to get a little sore.
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  • With DS I never felt nauseated, I never threw up. I also never felt dizzy or had headaches, until my pre-eclampsia hit.

    I actually wasn't suppose to start my period until tomorrow (sept. 8th), but since I was feeling nauseated and dizzy, and peeing every 5 seconds I took a test on sept. 4th (9dpo) and it was negative. I was sure I wasn't pregnant. I figured I would test again on the 8th, if I missed my period. But I started having food adversions as well, so I tested on the 6th (11dpo) and got a positive.

    Today has been the worst. I've had strong nausea all day, and puked a little. I don't want to know what its going to be like in a few weeks.

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  • image salt78:
    5.5 weeks and it didn't hit me like a brick. It started off really mild and then became horrible about a week later.

    Almost this exactly. I noticed it a few days ago and it's started to escalate to the point where all food looks bad.

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  • Im still waiting...I know it can still happen any day but right now I am just hungry and symptoms related to morning sickness yet...hoping the prenatals with the B6 in them are keeping it away...
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  • image maybayb25:
    I'm still early, but I felt nauseated and had lack of an appetite for about 4 days and then it went away. Right now I am sitting here eating triscuits....and I already ate a spinach/blueberry salad. This is after I ate lunch, but before dinner. I secretly hope for morning sickness so I feel "more" pregnant!

    Don't wish for it! Lol. I assure you it is no fun at all.

    I started getting seriously nauseous around 5 weeks. I wake up in the morning feeling bad because I am starving, am ok after a small breakfast, but after lunch I'm just nauseous for the rest of the day. I haven't thrown up (yet), so I know I'm luckier in that respect than some. I didn't have m/s with DS, so this is all new to me!

    Lots of hugs to those who have been hit really bad and hopes that others don't ever have to deal with it! Yuck, m/s.  

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  • I haven't thrown up yet, but if I get hungry at all I get quesy.  Then I don't want to eat because I'm going to throw up!  Certain days are better than others, today has been pretty good
  • I haven't experienced M/S at all yet during this pregnany, but with DS it kicked in at almost 6 weeks exactly - with FULL FORCE. 
  • I think i was around 6-7 weeks pregnant
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  • We weren't particularly "trying" so I wasn't trying to psychosomatic some symptoms for myself ;)  but that being said... 3-4 days before I got BFP I noticed I was... not nauseous... but very full feeling in the evenings, which is normally a huge snacking time for me.

    I started to feel nauseous close to 5 weeks.  And it's still here with a vengeance.

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  • Enjoy the lack of morning sickness while you still can!  I was thinking the same thing though at 5 weeks and then it came on with a vengeance as soon as I hit 6 weeks!  I can't even stand the thought of food and am sick from the time I wake up until I go to bed, :-(  Can't wait to be through this first trimester!!
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  • I started feeling nauseated right around when I got my first BFP.  It usually comes on when I haven't eaten for a while and eating something usually helps.  There have been a few times when I've actually needed to puke and have willed myself not to.  Mostly because I'd be at work and really don't want to raise any suspicions yet.

    Smells also trigger nausea for me, but again, I haven't actually thrown up yet.  I'm hoping it stays that way.  With DD I was horribly sick up until about week 13 or 14.  That was not fun.   

  • 5.5 weeks or so. It's pretty horrible I must say.

    My biggest pre positive test "symptom" was that my hips/pelvis were very achy for a couple of weeks. I thought it was some kind of exercise related thing, I got massage etc. but now i figure it was pregnancy related.

    I did feel "pregnant" - food aversions, bloated, really tired etc. before i took the test but to be honest I also felt like that the month before. I think because I knew we were trying, I just psyched myself out so it may all have been in my head.

    however the real deal morning sickness and exhaustion that hit me at that 5-6 week mark.. nothing in my head about that... uggggh so horrible. but good too! Means little one is in there causing the havoc ;)

     Good luck to you! I hope it is a positive you get when it's time to test!

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  • Take a test now!!! With an early response you just might get a very faint line already! I got one about day 26 - 27 of my cycle so a few days early!
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  • With number 1 it was 6/7 weeks I think

    With this one, 5 weeks 2 days to be exact.

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  • I feel like I've had M/S ever since I O'd. Ugh. But, mine isn't too, too bad. In the morning I have to force myself to finish my breakfast.

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  • With my first pg, I felt nauseated the day of my missed pd... not even 4 weeks. It ended in a mc oddly enough. With this one (I"m 12 wks) it didnt start til almost 6 weeks and ended around 9 and half for the most part.
  • Actually, scratch that, with my first I remember I gagged on my toothbrush at 9 dpo. So good luck to you!!
  • I'm in the same boat... I'm 5+ weeks and am secretly hoping for MS. The only symptoms I have are my sore boobs and as of 3 days ago, my stomach is feeling tight and I can't suck it in anymore! (No more bathing suit pics this year!) haha

    This might seem crazy, but I wore a pair of jeans 2 weeks ago... and could barely do them up this past weekend at the 5 week point.

    Hopefully this doesn't mean I'll be HUGE!!!!!  :-)


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  • I am only 3.5 weeks and I first felt nauseous at 3 weeks and tested the next day which was still early (10 DPO and 3 days before my period was due), but I got my BPF (x4 since I could not believe it and I kept on using different tests, lol!)  Sore boobs kicked in big time just a few days ago.
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