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Postpartum Depression

Is this PPD? 19 months later???

Hi ladies. I have a 19 month old DD and ever since she was born I've been feeling unattached, trapped and am just going through the motions. I am also going through a divorce so that makes it harder :( Every day with DD I just "get through the day" but I don't feel necessarily depressed. Could this be PPD 19 months later? Thoughts? Thanks!

Re: Is this PPD? 19 months later???

  • I have not had the same experience with you, so take my comments with a grain of salt.  Perhaps another mom who has been in your same, or a similar, situation will chime in.

     If it has been happening since she was born, it may be PPD.  Even though you don't feel distinctly depressed, the unattached and trapped feelings point to the direction of PPD.  I think it would only help if you talked to a professional about it.  I know OBs are usually the go-to doctor within the year after birth, so you could see if yours feels comfortable discussing PPD after 19 months.  If not, try your primary doctor.  Sometimes just talking it out with someone and coming up with a plan can help a great deal.  Don't be afraid if therapy or drugs are part of that plan.  If there is a problem, it's not your fault, it your dumb brain's fault.  dumb brains... and hormones ~grumble grumble~

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  • Thanks Ksspiff! I appreciate the feedback :)
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