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B drinks from a straw!


I was beginning to think I'd never find a sippy that would work. But I finally found one with a straw with handles. She needed one with handles.

And she works it perfectly! Woot.

So when/how do you transition them off the bottle?

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Re: B drinks from a straw!

  • DS used straw sippys before he used the regular ones.  He just "got" them first.  I don't think we fully transitioned off bottles until he was 1 year old and able to use a regular sippy.   
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  • Yay!! Go B!
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  • I'm jealous I can't get DD to figure out straws. She barely figures out hard topped sippies.

    We right now are 48 hours without a bottle. 

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  • Yay B! 

    We're trying sippy cups and C mostly wants to bang it on his high chair.  Good times!

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  • Yay B!!
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