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C went on the potty!

This is the most excitement I've had all week! 

We've been having her sit on the potty before bath time because it's when she's most agreeable to it.  I've told her she gets a surprise if she goes and days ago she responded that she wanted donuts (four holes and a sprinkle donut specifically...ha!)  So we've talked about her getting donuts for days and tonight we added play-doh to the reward. She stood up, told me it was time for bath.  I happened to look in the potty and she went - without making a big deal about it.  DH and I cheered and I headed out the door for donuts and Play-doh.  She ate one hole and asked me to save them, and her milk, for tomorrow. She also told me the next PD colors she wants when she goes tomorrow.  Let's hope we can keep the momentum! 

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