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Hi there, 

The in-laws (not New Yorkers) are going to buy us a Bob stroller, because my husband's sister (not NYer) has one and loves it. I'm a little concerned about the heaviness and bulk of this stroller, but am unsure if I can say anything. Plus, my husband really wants to jog with Baby, so he thinks it's great. We can't afford to buy a second stroller, so that's not an option.

Does anyone have experience with Bob strollers in the city?  


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  • I had my stoller fall apart on me this winter during one of the blizzards and I borrowed a friend's BOB. They have two kids now and the single BOB wasn't practical for winter weather for them. 

    They lent me the SUS and it was great, but I wouldn't recommend that model or any of the ones with the stationery front wheel. It made going around corners and aisles in stores are real PITA.

    I never noticed it being too heavy, because it pushed like a dream. And I didn't really lift it at any point. I guess I did when it was folded and I stuck it in the corner, but I don't recall it being a problem.  

    As for folding it up, it wasn't that bad, size wise. About the same space that my old Graco Metrolite took up. You could go to a store like Buy Buy Baby or Albee and play with one and see what the size of it folded up is like. I never tried to shove it into the trunk of our car, I use the umbrella stroller for when we need to use the car. 

    The BOB is a great stroller and my son loved the ride. But if you get one, make sure it has a swiveling front wheel, they lock out if you have a serious runner that doesn't want the swivel. But for everyday urban use, the swivel is essential for maneuverability, imho. 



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  • I have a bob revolution and love it, but it isn't perfect. It takes up the majority of my front closet when folded and takes up a lot of room in crowded subway cars. However, it does push like a dream, goes over curbs like nobody's business, and can go up and down stairs to subway stations with or without a second person or an elevator. The air tires are the best part, they handled winter weather beautifully. Another con is that all of the accessories are seperate, and you'll need them: the car seat adaptor/snack trey, handlebar console, weather shield, warm fuzzy, and you'll need to get a footmuff (jj cole toddler ones fit) because bob doesn't make one and the warm fuzzy isn't all that warm (but works well for fall/spring). 

    I also have a Maclaren Triumph.

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