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Anyone a Veteran with an outside OB?

Hi ladies! My name is Crystal. With only the VA for anytype of medical help I have hit a wall. They don't do OB, just GYN. I live in New Braunfels and there are no doctors who take VA patients. I am 9w4d and should have already had my first appointment or at least have it scheduled. I hate that I have to look outside of my area but the question now is where do I look? If any of you have gone through this can you please help me? I have been in tears over this and don't know where else to turn. Thank you!
Crystal M Boedeker

Re: Anyone a Veteran with an outside OB?

  • I don't know if she takes VA patients and she is located in the medical center but I love Dr. Jacobs with Lonestar OB/gyn and have heard great things about other doctors in that practice.   Good luck.
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