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Postpartum Depression

Can I be?

Anyone go thru post partpartum depression when breastfeeding is coming/ or has come to an end?


I am feeling really OVERWHALMED and cring alot more then usual now that DS is atarting to REFUSSE to nurse from me...I still drinks my breast milk from a bottle but he wont nurse off my boobs :( I just cant stand to give him a bottle when I know he can just get it right from my chest...DH has been haven to do it for me well I cry and pump in a different room.

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Re: Can I be?

  • PPD can manifest within a year of giving birth.  Weaning tends to be a very emotional (and hormonal) time, so it's possible that it is PPD.  Do you only cry when the baby feeds or is the depression affecting other areas of your life?  It probably wouldn't hurt to talk to your primary care doctor or OBGYN.
    Holy Crap. We survived the first year!
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