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I feel like so many people say getting off of it has been awful for them.  For me, I went from 20 mg, to 15mg for 2 weeks, 10mg for 2 weeks, now 5 mg for 2 weeks (i have 8 days left) and then I'll stop.  So far, I don't feel any different.  Does this mean I am in the clear or no?  I'm so scared I keep hearing so many awful things about getting off of it.  TIA :)
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Re: Lexapro...

  • I'm currently on Lexapro. Before I got pregnant, I stopped taking it cold turkey (I was only on 10 mg to begin with though). I didn't notice a difference at all. I'm sure everyone's situation is different. Glad it's going well for you so far!
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  • I'm just a lurker over here, but I was on Lexapro last year. I was weaned off 10mg by taking 5mg every day for two weeks, then 5mg every other day for two weeks. The only issue I had was during the beginning of my two weeks of every other day, when I would get what I called "icepick" headaches for a few hours on my off days. That only lasted for a couple of days though, and by the time I was off completely I was fine. 

    Obviously everyone is different, but your weaning plan sound really good for avoiding withdrawal. Good Luck! 


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  • I went off of it a few months ago and honestly the coming off of it wasn't bad. I had some mild dizziness for a couple of weeks but I was still able to get out and do things with DD and go to work. I'm trying to get back ON it now though because the anxiety has returned, but I think that's more because of some circumstances in my life rather than a side effect of coming off of it.
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