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That's it for today.

It's 10:20 pm. K has been in bed since 9. The bottles are washed, the dishwasher is running, the house is (mostly) clean and D is in the shower. There is so much I could/need to do, but oh well. I'm finishing this post and crashing. Ok, I'm going to have an ice cream sandwich and play a word game on my phone while I wait for D to finish and come to bed. Oh blessed sleep, here I come!!! I'm so giddy, I could dance. If I wasn't so tired.

If she does the same thing as last night and starts to wail just as I pull back my blankets...I may cry. Seriously.

Re: That's it for today.

  • Hope you get some good sleep. I swear these babies know when we are going to bed! My dd always cries right after I close my eyes.
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  • Beck lets me sleep for about a half an hour (you know, right when I'm in a nice deep sleep) and that's when he wakes up. Sneaky sneaky.
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